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Korean TV Drama print

A drama on an unprecedented scale, Damo tells a tale of love, conspiracy, loyalty, and honor. Setting a new standard with breathtaking cinematography, dazzling special effects, and mystical martial art scenes, Damo was awarded as the best drama at the 9th Asian TV Awards in Singapore in 2004. Even though the TV series had only 14 episodes, it stole the hearts of Korean TV viewers. Some were literally addicted to the drama, watching every episode of Damo from beginning to end, opening a Damo website with their fellow addicts, and even using lines from the drama in everyday life. After huge success in Korea, Damo was released to audiences in other nations. The drama went on to become a big hit in Taiwan.
Detailed Information
Broadcasting Company: MBC / July 28, 2003 ~ September 9, 2003
Writer: Jeong Hyeong-su
Producer: Lee Jae-gyu
Cast: Ha Ji-won, Lee Seo-jin, Kim Min-jun
Chae-ok comes from a noble family, but her entire family is destroyed when her father is charged with trying to overthrow the Emperor. She is separated from her brother and mother when they are trying to escape the imperial guards. She is captured and assigned to serve in the Hwangbo residence as a servant, and specifically to look after the young master Hwangbo Yun.

Yun also has his own scars from the past. Yun's mother was the concubine of an honorable man, which has hurt Yun since he was a child. Living in a suffocating society full of prejudice towards class, Yun shares his pain with Chae-ok and takes care of her. They are put under the tutelage of a highly skilled master for martial art training. As time goes by, they feel their love for each other growing deeper.

As Hwangbo Yun becomes a high-level police investigator, Chae-ok works under his police team as a Damo, a female detective. Throwing herself completely into her task, she infiltrates a rebel camp where Jang Seong-baek is the leader. Not knowing that they are brother and sister, they become drawn to each other.

Then, this tragic love story of a police investigator, a damo and a rebel leader begins. The drama has viewers glued to their TVs with a fair mix of action, drama, excitement, love and pain.
Main Characters

Chae-ok (played by actress, Ha Ji-won) -Damo, a female detective

A damo is a female detective in the Joseon dynasty, the setting of this drama. Chae-ok was born in a high class family. However, as her father is charged with a conspiracy to overthrow the Emperor, she is degraded to a servant in Hwangbo Yun's family. Since then, Yun has become her closest kin.

Because she has been trained with swords since she was little, she is undefeatable when it comes to using swords and performing martial arts. She is particularly good at wielding two swords as long as half of an arm. The list of her best weapons also includes spears used when she has to fight with a many number of people.

Having been raised in the mountains, she is straightforward and honest, which makes it unbearable for her to deal with the lies of other people. Although courageous and manly, she cannot hide her soft and female side when she is around the one she loves.

Hwangbo Yun (played by actor, Lee Seo-jin) -a high-level police investigator

Yun serves as a high-level police investigator in the Joseon dynasty. His mother was the second wife to an honorable man and this has hurt him since he was a child. He is sharp at his work, but feels lonely inside and agonizes over his social status. Even though he doesn't show his feelings, he cares for others like they are his own brothers. He is quick to be promoted thanks to his great talent. Feeling jealous, his rivals set up a trap to ruin Yun's career. As a result, Yun gets fired and imprisoned. He is deeply in love with Chae-ok whom he grew up with.

Jang Seong-baek (played by actor Kim Min-jun) -a rebel leader

Seong-baek has an unparalleled skill with the sword. When his family is arrested, he becomes separated from Chae-ok, his sister, and hides in mountain areas. He grows up to be a charismatic leader of a gang of bandits trying to overthrow the Emperor. He takes care of his friends, but at the same time he has a cruel side to him from his bitter experience of having to be apart from his family. He feels himself falling for Chae-ok without knowing that she is his sister.
Filming Locations
Damo was filmed in areas with great scenic beauty. It was reported that no countryside was too remote for the TV drama's crew, as they made their utmost effort to capture the unique characteristics of Korea's nature. As some of the filming locations are hard to find for foreigners, we will introduce to you locations which are widely known to the public and easy to find.
:::::::::::::::::::::::::< Korean Folk Village>:::::::::::::::::::::::::
Scenes at the Police Bureau, which frequently appears in episode one, were filmed at the Korean Folk Village
----> Click here for more information of Korean Folk Village!
:::::::::::::::::::::::::< Chungjuho Lake >:::::::::::::::::::::::::
Scenes of Korea’s traditional ferries in episode five were filmed at Chungjuho lake.
---> Click here for more information of Chungjuho Lake!
:::::::::::::::::::::::::< Mungyeong Saejae Provincial Park >:::::::::::::::::::::::::
This is where Jang Seong-baek and Chae-ok rode horses in episode seven.
---> Click here for more information of Mungyeong Saejae Provincial Park!
:::::::::::::::::::::::::< Gwanghanru >:::::::::::::::::::::::::
This is where Chae-ok swam across a lake to meet Emperor Sukjong in episode nine.
---> Click here for more information of Gwanghanru!
:::::::::::::::::::::::::< Seonamsa Temple>:::::::::::::::::::::::::
This is Seonamsa Temple which Chae-ok visited in episode 10.
---> Click here for more information of Seonamsa Temple.
:::::::::::::::::::::::::< Yeonpo Beach >:::::::::::::::::::::::::
This is where the unforgettable last scene was filmed in which Yun and Seong-baek have their life-or-death fight scene.
Photos from Filming Locations

A Mobile phone in the Joseon dynasty? Child casts members, Chae-ok and Yun, who look like real brother and sister.

A break with a cigarette in a traditional Korean costume. Lee Seo-jin, who played Hwangbo Yun, is practicing his lines.

Photo gallery

* The pictures above are provided by MBC.

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