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Korean TV Drama print

The eyes of the masked man are always sad. He seeks to revenge his father’s death, but he is too weak in the face of his enemies’ tremendous authority and power. He runs, falls, and gets back up; he’s bleeding now, but the masked man never gives up. One by one, he delivers sweet justice upon his foes. He is the City Hunter.

City Hunter, the drama, is an adaptation of the Japanese manga series of the same name created by Tsukasa Hojo and set in Tokyo in the 1980s.

Each episode of this fast-paced story is bursting with action scenes skillfully executed by actor Lee Min-ho (the main character) who sheds the prince-like image he bore in the beloved KBS drama ‘Boys Over Flowers.’ Fight scenes in which Lee Min-ho uses everyday objects (a spoon, a radio, a water bottle, etc.) to triumph over his enemies are particularly loved by viewers and created a sensation just after being aired.

The romance between Lee Min-ho and Park Min-young, who was recognized for her acting in the KBS drama‘Sungkyunkwan Scandal’with Park Yu-cheon of JYJ, balances out the overall tone of the drama, which otherwise would have been quite dark.

The streets of Buam-dong, ‘Road of Wind’ on Mapodaegyo Bridge, and the Seoul Color Park served as filming locations for the drama’s romance scenes and are still visited by a large number of drama fans.

Drama Information
Produced by: Kim Young-seop
Directed by: Jin Hyeok
Screenplay by: Hwang Eun-gyeong, Choi Su-jin
Broadcast Period: May 25, 2011 – July 28, 2011
Production Company: SSD
Cast: Lee Min-ho, Park Min-young, Lee Jun-hyuk, Goo Ha-ra
Twenty-one military men are sent to North Korea on a secret mission. As a result of the military operation, the men find themselves on the brink of termination by the South Korean government, who fears that disclosure of the mission will lead to diplomatic chaos.
Jin-pyo (played by Kim Sang-joong), who barely escapes from the termination order, trains the young Lee Yun-seong (played by Lee Min-ho), the son of a friend who scarified his life to save Jin-pyo’s. As he trains his young ward, Jin-pyo awaits the day he can bring justice upon the five people who had given the fateful order.

As a result of Jin-pyo’s training, Yun-seong grows up as a competent city hunter with a strong mind and body, a mastery of mechanics, and an arsenal of seemingly unbeatable martial arts moves. He goes to work as a bodyguard for the President and secretly investigates the five people who were responsible for his father’s death. Instead of killing the five people as Jin-pyo orders, he sends documents to the young prosecutor Kim Young-joo (played by Lee Jun-hyuk) in order to reveal the five people’s identities and put them each on trial. Unfortunately, the relationship between the prosecutor and the notorious five and the secret identity of the President cause unexpected trouble for Yun-seong.

Lee Yun-seong played by Lee Min-ho
Yun-seong was trained as a killer ever since he was a child. As a result, he has a mastery of martial arts, weapons, and technology. He works on his cases with cold-hearted judgment and calculating reason, but deep inside, he is as warmhearted as they come. He tries to keep his distance from Nana because he knows she’ll be in danger if she loves him, but he can’t hide his true feelings for her.

Kim Na-na played by Park Min-young
Once a top judo master, Nana has done all kinds of jobs (working in coffee shops, making door-to-door deliveries, etc.), but is now working as a bodyguard for the President at the Blue House. She works alongside Yun-seong as his trusty assistant and finds herself falling in love with him.

Kim Yeong-ju played by Lee Jun-hyuk
Yeong-ju is a prosecutor for the Special Investigation Unit of the Seoul Central District Prosecutors Office. He is a hard-working young prosecutor armed with a sense of responsibility and a deep conviction of his duty to bring about justice. Though he tries to reveal the identity of the city hunter, he ends up admitting that the city hunter is capable of punishing criminals more wisely than he can.

Choi Da-hye played by Goo Ha-ra
Da-hye, the daughter of the President, just finished high-school and is preparing to go to college. She is thoughtless, frivolous, and likes to play. She falls in love with bodyguard Yun-seong at first sight and makes him her tutor. Though she gives Yun-seong and Na-na a hard time and makes all kinds of trouble, she is nonetheless a cute and loveable character who is impossible not to like.
Filming Locations
‘Road of Wind’ on Mapo Bridge
The Road of Wind is where Yun-seong is tormented by the thought that his mother is not living a happy. An art installation found at the southern end of the Mapo Bridge near Yeouido Park, the ‘Road of Wind’ is famous for its night views. Walk up the twisty turny stairs to enjoy the cool river breeze and the waves of shadow cast by the headlights of passing cars.
☞ Night veiw from Mapo Bridge
Seoul Color Park
Seoul Color Park is the filming location of the scene where Yun-seong coldheartedly leaves Na-na even though he knows how she feels about him. The art structure is made up of 10 bars of colors (red, blue, gray, etc.) that seem to change color depending on the angle from which they are viewed. Made to mimic the shape of the waves along Hangang River, Seoul Color Park is coupled with benches and is a popular weekend resting spot for those gathered along the river.
☞ Click here for more on Seoul Color Park
Riverview 8th Street
Riverview 8th Street is an observatory situated downstream of Gwangjingyo Bridge, a popular walking course along the Hangang River. The observatory has space for exhibits by famous Korean and non-Korean artists, a performance stage for jazz, rock, and other music performances, and a rest area. The view of the Hangang River seen through the glass floors and walls is spectacular. In City Hunter, Riverview 8th Street appears as the office of Jin-pyo, but was also a filming location of the KBS drama ‘Iris.’
☞ Click for more on Riverview 8th Street
Nestled in Mount Bugaksan, Buam-dong is one of the hidden jewels of Seoul. The area is home to charming cafes and unique restaurants and shops and is a place where nature flourishes. Close to Gyeongbokgung Palace and Insa-dong and connected to Changuimun Gate and the Bugaksanseong Fortress trail, Buam-dong offers a pleasant mix of culture, tradition, and convenience. In the drama, it is the filming location of scenes showing Yun-seong’s mother’s house and neighborhood. Buam-dong has also appeared in the dramas ‘My lovely Sam Soon’ and ‘The First Shop of the Coffee Prince.’
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The Botanical Garden BCJ (Byeokchoji) in Paju
Opened on September 9, 2005, the Botanical Garden BCJ features Korean-style and Western-style gardens, themed gardens, walking trails, a pond, a greenhouse, an experience center, and a grass plaza. The arboretum has been featured in numerous TV dramas and commercials thanks to its scenic beauty. In ‘City Hunter,’ it is where the characters go for shooting practice.
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