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On Air

Reflecting real life drama production situation, is revealing many secretive subject matters such as high performance fee, industry’s tyrannical management, mobile phone photo shoots, and video scandals. Therefore each installments of co-written in 2008 by the writers of the “Lovers” series, Shin Wu-Cheol and Kim Eun-Suk, with its dynamic episodes presents lots of entertaining scenes. During its broadcast, the production constantly grabbed the viewers’ attentions with big issues, and it became a popular craze for young women viewers to follow the fashions of the drama’s star actresses. However, the success of the series actually came from its star power. It was Park Yong-Ha’s long-awaited comeback to television, and the return of movie stars Lee Beom-Soo, Kim Ha-Neul, and Song Yun-Ah who turned the drama into one of the best productions of the year. Furthermore, the cameos of top stars also helped to attract viewers with actors and actress such as Jeon Do-Yeon, Lee Seo-Jin, Kim Min-Jun, Kang Hye-Jeong and others making special appearances.

Drama Information

* Broadcast Network: SBS
Director: Shin Wu-Cheol
Cast: Kim Ha-Neul, Park Yong-Ha, Song Yun-Ah, Lee Beom-Soo
Homepage: (Korean, English, Japanese, Chinese)

Drama Synopsis

Korea’s number one drama writer, Seo Yeong-Eun, is called to work on a drama with a director and actress she doesn’t like, so in refusal, she packs up and takes off to Taiwan. In order to persuade Seo Yeong-Eun to return to Korea, the broadcasting station’s chief director orders Producer Lee Gyeong-Min to find her in Taiwan. There, Producer Lee Gyeong-Min finds Seo Yeong-Eun and suggest her to work on <Ticket to the Moon>, a drama she wrote at the time of her debut, with him. Though the two decide to work on <Ticket to the Moon> together, they begin facing obstacles as soon as they start to cast actors for their production. Eventually, they end up casting Korea’s top star actress Oh Seung-Ah and begin filming the production, but they soon find themselves in trouble with problems stirring in every corner.
Star actress Oh Seung-Ah leaves the management company she poured her heart into and signs a contract with the bankrupt Jang Gi-Jun. Oh Seung-Ah has been labeled as a beautiful, but talentless actress in the industry, nonetheless, Jang Gi-Jun and Oh Seung-Ah both begin to change as they bicker and fight with each other. Also, Oh Seung-Ah’s reason for signing a contract with Jang Gi-Jun reveals. Revolving around the drama production writers, actors/actresses, directors, and managers who make dramas, we are able to see the down-to-earth Korean drama’s current situation.

Cast Introduction

● Oh Seung-Ah played by Kim Ha-Neul

Oh Seung-Ah is Korea’s most well known top star actress at the age of 26, receiving much fame and love from the citizens of Korea being called ‘Korea’s Angel’. She is not only recognized as the nation’s most beautiful actress, but is deemed as the most photogenic star as well. For this reason, she did variety of CFs, yet, she was handicapped in a way that she lacked acting talent. Even with this handicap, directors and producers line up to cast Oh Seung-Ah, since she guarantees a high audience viewer rating in every production she appears in. She is a high-maintenance diva known to be a professional in scarring people’s hearts. After Oh Seung-Ah leaves her current management company, she refuses the tempting offers from a number of top agencies to join Jang Gi-Jun who has nothing, and surprises the world.

● Lee Gyeong-Min played by Park Yong-Ha

30 year-old Lee Gyeong-Min is an elite graduate of Korea’s top law school, Seoul National University, and is currently a producer at SBC Broadcasting Station. Though he wins a number of awards for his short film productions, due to his reserved and straightforward nature, he was never to break out of the role of assistant director. Lee Gyeong-Min is a handsome man, but has no interest in fashion or style. Although he leads a depressing life constantly having to take care of his problem maker older brother, Lee Gyeong-Min is not one to kneel before money or power. He eventually signs star writer, Seo Yeong-Eun, to work on a production together after facing great adversity, but new trials and tribulations await him everyday. Lee Gyeong-Min is always at ready to fight for a truthful production, putting his principles and morals above all else. He is a shy character amongst strangers with a blunt and unsociable personality, but often shines a charismatic smile to friends dear to him.


Jang Gi-Jun played by Lee Beom-Su

CEO of Jang Entertainment, Jang Gi-Jun was once a manager that fostered Korea’s best top stars. However, all of his stars change management companies to a larger agency, leaving him with a young new star, Cherry. After he raises her, even she leaves him for Manager Jin, then falls into bankruptcy. Jang Gi-Jun is a confident character, willing to do anything and everything for celebrities under his management, showing devotion and self-sacrifice. One day, top actress Oh Seung-Ah approaches him, a young girl he knew 7-years ago, to make a contract proposal, allowing him to make a successful comeback into the industry.

Seo Yeong-Eun played by Song Yun-Ah

At the age of 36, Seo Yeong-Eun is an invincible figure in the entertainment history as Korea’s best star writer. After going through divorce with her husband, she juggles her life as a drama writer and single mother of her only son, Jun. She is a writer of dramas with the usual plots, but still makes a huge success bringing in a high-salary of 20 million won per episode. Seo Yeong-Eun is therefore a stylish and charismatic character, wears popular brand-name clothing and driving around in foreign cars. She is an extremely prideful character who, from time to time, spits out immature words to protect her own pride. However, more than anyone else she is very kindhearted and gentle so her feelings often get hurt easily. She tries to hide her sensibility as a writer, but is slowly drawn out as she begins to work with Producer Lee Gyeong-Min. Her uniquely bright manner of speaking can be comical, but when she falls into moments of deep emotions, she turns into a young girl, adding a variety of degrees to the character.


Filming Locations

● Sejong Art Center


The drama’s first episode begins with an opening of the ‘2007 SBC Drama Awards’, filmed at the Sejong Art Center, the episode left a memorable impression with the red carpet. Seo Yeong-Eun elegantly arrives on the red carpet with the press hounding her, but is soon embarrassingly pushed aside when star actress Oh Seung-Ah hits the scene. At the time when Oh Seung-Ah refuses the award and walks off stage due to ties with Chu Hyeon-Wu for the grand prize, the viewers are introduced to the four main characters for the first time. The location closely resembling an awards ceremony stage is the Sejong Art Center, the actual setting for various awards ceremonies, is situated at Gwanghwamun. Normally, the Sejong Art Center serves as a stage opening variety of diverse performances, an art center, and outdoor recreation area.

Contact: +92-2-399-111
Tourist Information Telephone No.: +82-2-1330 (Korean, English, Japanese, Chinese)
Address: Seoul Jongno-gu Sejong-ro 81-3
Homepage: (Korean, English)
Directions: Subway Line 5 Gwanghwamun Station Exit #1 or #8

● World Gym Fitness Center


In episode 4 of the series, Manager Jang appears on the treadmill next to Oh Seung-Ah to persuade her to work on a production with Producer Lee Gyeong-Min and Writer Seo Yeong-Eun. Also, in episode 8, Manager Jang personally visits actor Lee Seo-Jin at the gym to cast him as Oh Seung-Ah’s counterpart. Lee Seo-Jin and Manager Jang are close friends in the drama, politely declining the offer while he’s training and explains that he is soon to get married. His current relationship situation in reality made his cameo even more entertaining and delightful. The filming location of this fitness center scene was shot at the World Gym Yeouido Club situated inside the River Tower which was recently opened in December of 2007. The internationally renowned franchise operates its club as a members-only club.

Contact: +82-2-782-1003
Address: Seoul Yeongdeungpo-gu Yeouido-dong 61-5 River Tower 3F ~ 8F
Homepage: (Korean, English)
Directions: Subway Line 5 Yeouinaru Station Exit #4 -> Walk straight, then make a right in front of 63 City, then continue walking straight

● Saoknam Gamjatang

Restaurant owner and Seo Yeong Eun’s number one fan, Seo Yeong-Eun’s mother, manages this restaurant, appearing as the setting where writer Seo Yeong-Eun often visits for a meal and where Producer Lee Gyeong-Min and Jang Gi-Jun come to enjoy a drink. The restaurant is also memorable as it was the setting for the celebration of the <Ticket to the Moon> production team in the final episode of the drama.  The extremely overeager fan of Seo Yeong-Eun, her mother, has placards of dramas written by her daughter posted throughout the restaurant, along with pictures and signatures of popular top stars. Saoknam Gamjatang is a widely popular restaurant located in the Ilsan region. The restaurant is more specifically located in front of the Ilsan MBC, and the studio in front of the Lake Park served as Seo Yeong-Eun’s office. Since near the Saoknam Gamjatang area there are a lot of <On Air> shooting locations so how about slowly tour the area then stop by for a meal at Saoknam Gamjatang?

Address: Gyeonggi-do Ilsandong-gu Janghang-dong 863-2 Ilho Golden Tower
Contact : +82-31-904-3888
Directions: Subway Line 3 Jeongbansan Station Exit #1 -> go straight towards the Mingwan Plaza located to the left -> in front of the MBC on the left side, Ilho Golden Tower
Price: Bbyeo-haejang-guk (1 serving) 5,000 won, Gamjatang (potato soup) 15,000 won ~ 25,000 won (must order at least 3 servings)

● MucHa Jewelry


In the 6th episode, Oh Seung-Ah tries on a diamond ring and tells Jang Gi-Jun that she chose such ring as preparation for the day when she will received propose in the future. However, Jang Gi-Jun gets angry at Oh Seung-Ah for looking at rings when Seo Yeong-Eun’s drama was just cancelled. The two eventually begin to quarrel again, and Oh Seung-Ah leaves the jewelry shop in anger. The diamond ring Oh Seung-Ah tried on in the drama was actually a product of MucHa Jewelry, currently worth about 15 million won. The interior of the jewelry shop is as elegant as its diamond ring, boasting a black theme with points made in red and white.

Contact: +82-1588-9391
Tourist Information Telephone No.: +82-2-1330 (Korean, English, Chinese, Japanese)
Address: Seoul Gangnam-gu Cheongdam-dong 93-12 MucHa Building
Directions: Subway Line 7 Cheongdam Station Exit #9 -> Take a taxi to the Apgujeong M-Net Station, and enter the alley, then make a left at the 2nd alleyway

● Ganghwado Il mare Pension


The production’s staff team has a barbecue party at a pension for dinner after taking an outing to enjoy the cherry blossoms. Soon after, the production team goes in to sleep after a night of partying, but the main characters remain to play the ‘Truth Game’. However, Oh Seung-Ah is unable to adapt to the situation and is left isolated from the group. When it came for Jang Gi-Jun’s turn, he asks Oh Seung-Ah why she chose him to be her manager, and she quickly replies, “If you don’t know that, you’re an idiot.” Jang Gi-Jun is then unable to sleep after the game, thinking about Oh Seung-Ah’s answer. The filming location for this scene was at Ganghwado’s popular Il mare Pension. This beautiful pension boasting the magnificent scenery of Ganghwado has been the setting for numerous music videos, CFs, and other dramas aside from <On Air>.

Tourist Information Telephone No.: +82-32-1330
Address: Incheon Ganghwa-gun Hwado-myeon Yeochi-ri 300 beonji
Homepage: (Korean)
Directions: Subway Line 2 Sinchon Station Exit #7 -> Located 5 minutes straight ahead at the end of the street at the Sinchon Siwoe Bus Terminal -> take the bus going towards the Ganghwa-eub Terminal (departs every hour on the 40min mark, 4,900 won, travel time – 1hr 30min) -> take the bus headed towards Heungwangni from the Ganghwa-eub Terminal (1:35PM, 3:30PM, 4:30PM, 5:30PM, 6:20PM, 7:50PM, 8:10PM) -> get off at the Yeochari Miru Church parking lot and walk 5min down the alleyway to the right

● Youngpoong Bookstore

As things fall apart for Seo Yeong-Eun in episode 6, with the cancellation of her drama, she seeks refuge at the Youngpoong Bookstore. While she wonders into a deep thought while staring at a collection of Czanne’s paintings, Lee Gyeong-Min finds her. The two sit on the ground while sharing a conversation, pretending that everything’s alright. In episode 8, Seo Yeong-Eun visits Youngpoong once again when she finds difficulty in casting a male main character for her production. Like these instances, the place Seo Yeong-Eun sought out for in times of hardships was the Youngpoong Bookstore in Gwanghwamun, located at the heart of downtown Seoul. Cheonggyecheon Stream and Gyeongbokgung Palace is situated nearby the bookstore along with the Sejong Art Center located across the street, used as the grounds for the awards ceremony in the first episode of the series. The most memorable scene taken at the Youngpoong Bookstore was Seo Yeong-Eun and Lee Gyeong-Min’s first kiss in episode 19. Lee Gyeong-Min finds Seo Yeong-Eun at the bookstore and lends her his shoulder to lean on, then affectionately expresses his love for her. Lee Gyeong-Min looks over at Seo Yeong-Eun leaning on his shoulders, then slowly closes his eyes and leans over and kisses her.

Contact: +82-2-399-5600
Tourist Information Telephone No.: +82-2-1330 (Korean, English, Chinese, Japanese)
Address: Seoul Jongno-gu Seorin-dong Youngpoong Building 33
Directions: Subway Line 1 Jonggak Station -> At Jonggak Station (Seoul Subway Line 1) directly connected with exit No. 5 and No. 6
Store Hours: 9:30AM ~ 10:00PM

● Myeongdong

In episode 6, Oh Seung-Ah makes an appearance with Manager Jang at a shoe showcase event. Oh Seung-Ah puts on a beautiful smile as she waves to crowd of cheering fans in the streets, she comes across Cherry who visits the event with Manager Jin. Oh Seung-Ah meets Cherry and Manager Jin inside the Myeongdong NINE WEST store and exhaustingly talks down to her, instructing her that she should respectfully bow when meeting a superior in the industry. NINE WEST is a shoe brand maker that recently opened a store in Myeongdong in January of 2008, presenting a variety of stylish shoes and handbags mainly designed for women between the ages of 20 and 30. NINE WEST sits in a 4-story building along with two other brands located in the same building. The store was also used in <On Air> as the location where Oh Seung-Ah is seen shopping for shoes in episode 8, when Seo Yeong-Eun approaches her pleading to approve the decisions of Jang Gi-Jun and Lee Gyeong-Min to use a new-faced actor for the leading male role.

Directions: Subway Line 4 Myeongdong Station Exit #6 -> Follow straight down Myeongdong’s main street for about 200 meters, and the store will be located to the right

● Wondang Horse Ranch


In episode 7, Oh Seung-Ah elegantly rides up on a beautiful horse as Jang Gi-Jun brings her the script for <Ticket to the Moon>, explaining that the script is entertaining. As the two shares a conversation with jokes, Manager Jang receives a disturbing phone call saying that Oh Seung-Ah has been signed to a contract deal for a movie, without any consent. Knowing that this was all a scheme of Manager Jin, Jang Gi-Jun leaves Oh Seung-Ah telling her that he would take care of this himself. The location used as the shooting grounds for Oh Seung-Ah’s horse-riding scenes is the Wondang Horse Ranch, also well-known for appearing in various movie films, dramas, and CFs. Visitors can watch horses feeding on the ranch’s vast green plains or enjoy themselves on a pleasant stroll through the countryside. For an additional vacationing experience, way to the ranch also serves as a spectacular drive course, perfect for trips with lover, friend, or family. During the visit to Wondang Horse Ranch, try to visit nearly located Seomsamneung as well.

Tourist Information Telephone No.: +82-2-1330 (Korean, English, Chinese, Japanese)
Address: Gyeonggi-do Goyang-si Deokyang-gu Wondang-dong 201-79
Directions: Subway Line 3 Samsong Station Exit #5 -> Take bus #1 to its last stop and get off at the horse ranch
Ranch Hours: 9:00AM ~ 5:00PM (closed on Mondays and Tuesdays)

● Samcheonggak Ilhwadang


Before Producer Lee Gyeong-Min and Writer Seo Yeong-Eun leaves to film their drama abroad in episode 8, they meet with the CEO of Cherry’s management agency, Jin Sang-Wu, and the CEO of Chu Hyeon-Wu’s management agency, Kim Hak-Seon, to talk about the current drama production. After their meeting, Lee Gyeong-Min and Seo Yeong-Eun drive off first as Kim Hak-Seon and Jin Sang-Wu see them off. As Seo Yeong-Eun gets ready to leave, Kim Hak-Seon makes a silly joke about her foreign luxury car. The four characters’ meeting took place at Samcheonggak’s Ilhwadang, its most impressive features being the old-fashioned Hanoks (traditional Korean house) and stone wall architecture. Nestled at the foot of the magnificent Bukaksan Mountains, Samcheonggak is a compound of ancient Korean structures that plays host to a wide range of cultural facilities including a traditional Korean restaurant, lounge, wine bar, and a concert hall.

Contact: +82-2-765-3700
Tourist Information Telephone No.: +82-2-1330 (Korean, English, Chinese, Japanese)
Address: Seoul Seongbuk-gu Seongbuk 2-dong 330-115
Homepage: (Korean, English, Japanese)
Directions: Take the free Samcheonggak shuttle bus located in front of the Subway Line 1 Jonggak Station Exit #5 Youngpoong Bookstore, Line 2 Euljiro 1-ga Station Exit #1, Line 1 City Hall Station Exit #4 in front of the Press Center, or Line 5 Gwanghwamun Station Exit #3 in front of the Kyobo Building (shuttle buses operate from 10:00AM ~ 9:00PM)

● Ttokssamsidae

After watching a theatrical play together, Seo Yeong-Eun and Oh Seung-Ah wait at a Samgyeopsal (belly region of the pork where the meat and fat are layered into 3 parts) restaurant for the theater actors. There, the waitress recognizes the top star actress Oh Seung-Ah and asks for a signature, but Oh Seung-Ah callously refuses her. This scene was filmed at the Ttokssamsidae Jongno Main Restaurant. Furthermore, the Ttokssamsidae Nonhyeon Branch was the filming location for Lee Gyeong-Min’s outing with his mother, and the Bucheon Branch was used as the shooting location for the broadcast station chief director’s meal with Dream House’s Lee Hye-Gyeong. Ttokssamsidae boasts a unique menu where you can wrap the Samgyeopsal in thin sheets of rice cake for a new flavor. This popular restaurant franchise has over 100 locations nationwide, but need to get in line to be seated.

Contact: +82-2-737-3692 (Korean, Japanese)
Tourist Information Telephone No.: +82-2-1330 (Korean, English, Chinese, Japanese)
Address: Seoul Jongno-gu Gwancheol-dong 32-7
Directions: Come out of Jonggak Station Exit #4, then make a right at the first alleyway and go straight for 50 meters

Yeouido Yunjungno

In episode 10, the broadcast station’s chief director yells at Seo Yeong-Eun to work with another producer rather than Lee Gyeong-Min. However, Seo Yeong-Eun retaliates by telling him to change the writer as well if he is going to switch producers and storms out of the station. In order to ease her mind, she goes with Dream House Representative Hye-Gyeong to Yeouido Yunjungno, a street widely known for its beautiful cherry blossoms. To their dismay, they find that the cherry blossoms were yet to bloom, and Seo Yeong-Eun gives a sad smile saying that spring hasn’t come yet. Though the cherry blossoms weren’t bloomed yet in the drama, Yeouido Yunjungno is Seoul’s most popular cherry blossom attraction. Every year, swarms of crowds visit the area to spectacle at the gorgeous cherry blossom trees.

Tourist Information Telephone No.: +82-2-1330 (Korean, English, Chinese, Japanese)
Directions: Subway Line 5 Yeouido Station Exit #3 -> walk straight towards Yeouido Park -> pass Yeouido Park, then cross the street

● Daegu Co & Star

After the <Ticket to the Moon> production team performs a ceremonial ritual before their first shooting in the 12th episode, they begin shooting their drama in the setting of Eun-Yeong’s soap shop. Then, coincidentally, an awkward moment succeeds when Cherry and Oh Seung-Ah both arrive wearing the same clothes, but the moment is broken when Lee Gyeong-Min orders Oh Seung-Ah to change her clothes. Having her pride hurt, Oh Seung-Ah refuses to shoot the scene and the reporters, who were waiting for a press conference, quickly chase her down to film her reaction. Eun-Yeong’s soap shop in the drama is an actual soap shop named Mindeullae Ddeul (Dandelion Garden) located on the first floor of Daegu’s Co & Star. Co & Star is a cultural complex housing the drama set and areas for various promotions. The complex is situated at the center of Daegu on Dongseongno. 

Tourist Information Telephone No.: +82-53-1330 (Korean, English, Chinese, Japanese)
Address: Daegu Jung-gu Dongseong-ro 2-ga 66-1
Directions: Jungangno Station Exit #2 -> walk straight towards the 228 Jungang Memorial Park -> located in The Rock Building in front of the 228 Jungang Memorial Park
Hours of Operation: 11:00AM ~ 22:00PM

● Incheon International Airport


Jang Gi-Jun rushes over to the airport in episode 1 to catch up with Cherry after betraying him to join Manager Jin. Here, Jang Gi-Jun leaves Cherry with one final advice before turning around and returning alone. Also, Seo Yeong-Eun sends her only son, Jun, to his father in London in episode 2 at the airport. The airport was also used as a meeting place for the drama’s staff members and actors/actresses whenever they were filming abroad, and the most lasting impression of the airport unfolded a scene of Jang Gi-Jun and Oh Seung-Ah departing Korea in the final episode. The Incheon International Airport was frequented by the staff of <On Air> to shoot scenes throughout the drama series from episode 1 to the final episode. The Walker Hill Air Café at the Incheon International Airport is another filming location you shouldn’t miss, where Jang Gi-Jun sits down to talk with Seo Yeong-Eun.



After cancelling her contract with Manager Jin, Oh Seung-Ah takes the subway and heads over to Daehangno. At Maronie Park, Oh Seung-Ah comes across a promotional event for a cosmetics company she shot a CF for, and tells the promoter that their cosmetic products are no good. Pedestrians in the vicinity soon recognize who she is and crowds her in a rush, but Oh Seung-Ah is able to break through to head over to a friend’s theatrical performance nearby. Here, she meets the writer of <Ticket to the Moon>, Seo Yeong-Eun. This location is Daehangno’s Samtoh Theater, currently setup as the stage for the popular play <Liar>.

Tourist Information Telephone No.: +82-2-1330 (Korean, English, Chinese, Japanese)
Directions: Subway Line 4 Hyehwa Station Exit #2 -> located in front of Maronie Park

● SBS Broadcast Station

<On Air>’s SBC Broadcast Station is actually the SBS Broadcast Station in Mokdong. The broadcast station was the setting where Lee Gyeong-Min’s <Ticket to the Moon> production team was taken over by his superior in episode 8. Lee Gyeong-Min then chases his superior to argue his point. The station’s coffee room and lounge area appears frequently throughout the drama series. The Park in front of the Ilsan SBS broadcast station was the famous spot where Lee Gyeong-Min proposes to Seo Yeong-Eun in the final episode.

Tourist Information Telephone No.: +82-2-1330 (Korean, English, Chinese, Japanese)
Homepage: (Korean, English, Chinese, Japanese)
Directions: Subway Line 5 Omokgyo Station Exit #2 -> walk straight for 5 minutes to come across Omok Park, and in front is the SBS Broadcast Station / Subway Line 3 Madu Station -> Take a bus #7727 to Ilsan SBS broadcast station (It takes around 10 min.)

● The Island

In episode 10, Oh Seung-Ah begins to flash back into her past memories of Jang Gi-Jun while having a glass of wine. Then, she calls Seo Yeong-Eun and asks her not to leave her side, but Oh Seung-Ah eventually becomes drunk and Seo Yeong-Eun is forced to call Lee Gyeong-Min to help her home. Seo Yeong-Eun’s feelings are hurt as she watches Lee Gyeong-Min carefully taking Oh Seung-Ah home. The Island is a wine bar/Italian restaurant located in Ilsan prepared as the setting for Oh Seung-Ah’s wine-drinking scene. The Island boasts an enormous wine list of over 200 varieties with a spectacular view of downtown Ilsan from its outdoor terrace.

Tourist Information Telephone No.: +82-31-1330 (Korean, English, Chinese, Japanese)
Address: Gyeonggi-do Goyang-si Ilsandong-gu Janghang-dong 868-beonji Western DomeⅡ B-dong 4F
Directions: Subway Line 3 Jeongbalsan Station Exit #1 -> make a right at the New Core Department Store Intersection

Jinhae Naval Base Headquarters

In episode 12, Lee Gyeong-Min and his entire production team visits the famous cherry blossom road located inside Jinhae’s naval base. The whole production team of <Ticket to the Moon> enjoys a wonderful time admiring the flowers. During this scene, Jang Gi-Jun creates a serious mood to quietly tell her to move to a better management agency, since he lacks the talent and resources to get her to where she wants to be. Later at night, Seo Yeong-Eun comes out for a walk, but is followed by Lee Gyeong-Min who flashes a light at her feet and offers to walk with her among the cherry blossoms. The Jinhae Naval Base is also the place where Lee Gyeong-Min comes to find Seo Yeong-Eun in the final episode. The whole city of Jinhae is beautifully covered in cherry blossoms in the springtime, but only open from the end of March to the beginning of April during the period of the naval port festivals.

● Sala Thai

In Episode 11, Jin Sang-Wu and Cherry meet with Producer Lee Gyeong-Min for a conference to tell him that Cherry will be singing the drama’s soundtrack. Jin Sang-Wu ignores the producer’s angry remarks, telling Cherry to have a nice dinner with Lee Gyeong-Min and leaves. This meeting took place in Mokdong’s Thai restaurant, Sala Thai. The restaurant not only boasts a lavish menu created by a true chef from Thailand, but also amazingly imitates a Thai atmosphere with its thoughtfully decorated interior.  

Address: Seoul Yangcheon-gu Mokdong Hyundai Parisian 1F
Directions: Subway Line 5 Omokgyo Station Exit #2 -> walk straight, passing SBS and the restaurant will be located on the first floor of the Hyundai Parisian situated at the third intersection
Restaurant Hours: 11:00AM ~ 10:30PM

● Dosan Park Road

Oh Seung-Ah meets with Kim Min-Jun, an old buddy, and jokingly talks about scandals at a café. Shortly after, Oh Seung-Ah’s manager, Jang Gi-Jun arrives, and is happily greeted by Kim Min-Jun. Kim Min-Jun’s cameo appearance took place at “Plastic”, a famous café located in front of Dosan Park. Also, located next to the Plastic Café is “Walking Slowly”, where Aden meets the American football star, Hines Ward. Hines Ward, whose mother is Korean, received the MVP Award at the ‘2006 NFL Super Bowl’. The drama <My Name is Kim Sam-Soon> was also filmed at Walking Slowly, and in front sits “Gorilla in the Kitchen”, a restaurant owned and operated by famous actor Bae Yong-Jun. Many attractive cafes and restaurants are located around the Dosan Park, providing a great atmosphere for some leisure time.

Tourist Information Telephone No.: +82-2-1330 (Korean, English, Chinese, Japanese)
Directions: Subway Line 3 Sinsa Station Exit #1, Subway Line 3 Apgujeong Station Exit #2 -> take a taxi to Dosan Park -> located in front of Dosan Park



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