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Jeon Gi-sang, who has often been acknowledged for his unique dramas that include “Cheerful Girl Chunhyang” and “My Girl,” took the director’s seat for “Witch Yu-hui”. “Witch Yu-hui” attracted viewers because it marked Han Ga-in’s return to television. It provided great entertainment for female viewers as the drama had a cast of handsome men, including Jae Hui, Dennis O’Neil and Kim Jeong-hun. The unique speech and fashion sense of Han Ga-in and the comical, natural acting and heart-moving lines of Jae Hui are among the reasons why drama lovers consider his dramas to be very unique.

Drama Information

● Broadcasting Network: SBS
● Airing Date : March 21, 2008 ~ May 10, 2007 (Wednesdays and Thursdays at 9:55 pm)
● Director : Jeon Gi-sang
● Cast : Han Ga-in, Jae Hui, Dennis O’Neil, Kim Jeong-hun, Jeon Hye-bin
● Homepage : (Korean)


Ma Yu-hui, CEO of a thriving advertising company and the only daughter of the owner of a large domestic corporation, has suffered a string of nasty relationships ever since her youth. Chae Mu-ryong, who gets into an accident with Yu-hui, ends up compensating Yu-hui and ultimately becomes her love coach. One day, Yu-hui encounters her first love, Yu Jun-ha, a heart specialist, and a talented chef, Johnny Kruger. Yu-hui can’t decide between the two. Meanwhile, Mu-ryong maintains his relationship with Nam Seung-mi, who is his girlfriend and the manager of the restaurant where he works. Their relationship is somewhere between love and friendship. However, unexpectedly Yu-hui and Mu-ryong, who are in a contractual relationship, unwittingly develop a mutual attraction. What will happen to them?

Character Background
Ma Yu-hui, played by Han Ga-in
She is a beautiful and attractive woman with outstanding fashion sense, yet surprisingly bad at maintaining relationships and is constantly dumped by men. She is known as an accomplished woman as the CEO of a booming advertising company that helps promote the company of her father, Mr. Ha, even further, as well as several other renowned domestic corporations. She works hard and is successful without any help from her father, who she calls “Mr. President.”
Chae Mu-ryong, played by Jae Hui
He was named after an actor by his mother, who was a fervent fan of Choi Mu-ryong, a top Korean actor in the 1960s. He is smart and goes to medical school, but quits school because of his desire to cook. He follows his passion and works toward becoming a chef, but runs into troubles all the time. However, he does not give up, focuses all his efforts on cooking, and steadily develops his skill. He is especially talented in the art of Korean food and is very humorous, in keeping with his name.
Johnny Kruger, played by Dennis O’Neil
He is the perfect man, with gorgeous looks and a natural gift for cooking. He is a brilliant chef from New York who is as skilled as England’s Jamie Oliver. He has been a rising star in the culinary world ever since he was still a teenager. However, rather than his cooking he dislikes the spotlight that is always on him so he secretly opens his own restaurant. When he visits Korea to open a chain restaurant in the home country of his mother, who passed away when he was little, he meets Ma Yu-hui, who showed him around when he visited Korea before, and becomes interested in her.
Yu Jun-ha, played by Kim Jeong-hun
He is a heart specialist who studied overseas and graduated from the same college as Yu-hui. He is a quiet and attentive person, and Yu-hui falls for him. However, this is only his appearance, and he is actually a very ambitious man. He gets engaged with another woman, unaware of the Yu-hui’s feeling for him. After the engagement is broken off, he becomes interested in Yu-hui. After he finds out that Mr. Ma, who is Yu-hui’s father and the president of a renowned large corporation in Korea, has a weak heart he intentionally approaches Yu-hui. 
Nam Seung-mi, played by Jeon Hye-bin
She was Mu-ryong’s friend when the two were growing in the same neighborhood until she moved away during high school and becomes his girlfriend. She has been going out with Mu-ryong for a long time and therefore she thinks she will marry him for sure. She is pretty and genial who has complete trust in Mu-ryong. She is a career woman who is not only smart and hard working, but also good at what she does. She is the manager of the restaurant where Mu-ryong works.
Filming Locations
N Seoul Tower
N Seoul Tower is located on Mt. Namsan in Seoul. This is where the character played by Jae Hui, who is an aspiring cook, works as an apprentice, and where his girlfriend, a character played by Jeon Hye-bin, works as a manager. In this drama, not only the restaurant but the beautiful outdoor terrace are both frequently seen. The rooftop terrace is where Chae Mu-ryong memorizes what is on his notepad during breaks and enjoys short dates with his girlfriend, Nam Seung-mi. The rooftop terrace is an outdoor observatory where one has a panoramic view of all of downtown Seoul, and in reality it is a popular place for young lovers to bring their dates. N Seoul Tower is a culmination of several cultural highlights that includes various areas to rest and relax, such as SWEETREE, a Western restaurant where the drama was filmed, the n.GRILL, the rooftop terrace, exhibition space, and a performance hall. In an outdoor observatory, where the entire Seoul region can be viewed, the romantic scene of Yu-hui and Johnny’s date was filmed. 

Directions : Take exit no. 2 or 4 at Chungmuro Station on subway line no. 3 or 4 and take the yellow Mt. Namsan circular bus no. 2 -> Get off at the entrance of N Seoul Tower
Address : 1-3 Yongsan-dong 2-ga, Yongsan-gu, Seoul
Telephone : +82-2-3455-9277 (Korean, English)
Tourist information : +82-2-1330 (Korean, English, Japanese, Chinese)
Homepage : (Korean, English)
Hours : 11:00–23:00
Entrance fee for the observatory : Adults 19 and over: 7,000 won; Teenagers 13–18: 5,000 won; Children 4–12: 3,000 won

Photos courtesy of SBS and CINE21

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