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Taewangsasingi (Legend)
From the announcement of the drama’s creation throughout the broadcasting period, no other drama has created as great a stir as Taewangsasingi (Legend). The reunion of Song Ji-na and Kim Jong-hak, who have both consistently produced masterpieces, and the leading role played by Bae Yong-jun were exciting enough to pique the interest of numerous viewers. However, many were concerned whether the drama would actually be televised because its airing date was repeatedly postponed and a broadcasting station was not settled on. The challenges continued; members of the crew were injured and the scenario was revised. Nonetheless, Taewangsasingi (Legend) finally made its first appearance on September 10, 2007. This much-talked-about production, whose production process itself was dramatic enough to be a drama, was a hot topic in the media day after day for a number of reasons.

Costing some 43 billion won to make, Taewangsasingi (Legend) is a “fusion” historical drama that differs from conventional ones. It is a unique genre of drama with a touch of fantasy. The costumes are also quite different from those of traditional historical dramas. Featuring a scale and content that sets it apart from conventional dramas, Taewangsasingi (Legend) became an instant hit among viewers as soon as it was aired. As for the cast, in addition to Bae Yong-jun, top-class actors and actresses such as Mun So-ri, Choi Min-su and Park Sang-won who would undoubtedly play a leading role in other dramas or movies willingly took supporting roles and contributed to the quality of the drama.

At first the program suffered a number of negative critiques. However, over time the grand scale and unique storytelling approach captivated viewers, who became fans of Taewangsasingi (Legend). Since its storyline is quite complex, you should try not to miss an episode. The drama gets more interesting as covert followers of the king are revealed one by one.
● Drama Information
Directors: Kim Jong-hak, Yun Sang-ho
Writers: Song Ji-na, Park Kyung-soo
Cast: Bae Yong-jun, Mun so-ri, Lee Ji-ah, Oh Kwang-rok, Choi Min-su, Park Sang-won, Yoon Tae-woong
Broadcasting Station: MBC
Aired: September 10, 2007 onward (Wednesdays and Thursdays / 24 episodes)
Broadcasting Station homepage: (Korean)
● Synopsis
Hwan-ung, the Son of God, descends to earth and builds a country called Jyusin. Before the founding of Jyusin, there existed the Tiger Tribe, which worshipped a tiger, and the Bear Tribe, which worshipped a bear. Ga-jin, a member of the savage Tiger Tribe who continues to harass Hwan-ung, and Sae-oh, a member of the Bear Tribe who falls in love with Hwan-ung, are both Jujak, or gods of fire. However, the three form a love triangle. Mad with jealousy, Ga-jin throws the child of Sae-oh and Hwan-ung from a cliff. Blinded by grief and rage at the loss of her child, Sae-oh sets the world ablaze. Hwan-ung ultimately kills his love, Sae-oh, to save the world. Ga-jin also kills herself atop a cliff, and the tragic love story of the three comes to an end. Later, Hwan-ung imprisons his followers—Baekho (White Tiger), Cheongnyong (Blue Dragon), Hyeonmu (Black Turtle), and Jujak (Phoenix)—in objects and foretells of a new king who will rule Jyusin; who will be born on the day the stars of Jyusin light the sky thousands of years later. He then returns to the heavens after ordering these four gods to awake at the right time and aid the king of Jyusin.

Thousands of years later, the stars of Jyusin light up the sky and a son is born to both the Royal family and the Yeon family, the highest noble family of the Goguryeo Kingdom. The Crown Prince Dam-deok pretends to be weak and slow from childhood because of people’s attempts to harm him. Leading a lonely life in the palace, Dam-deok befriends Gi-ha, a female priest from the Hwacheon Group, and Yeon Ho-gae, who was born on the same day as Dam-deok.

Yeon Ho-gae’s mother, who believes her son must be the king of Jyusin because he was born on the day the stars of Jyusin lit up, plots a conspiracy to poison the king. However, with the help of Gi-ha, Dam-deok exposes the conspiracy and Yeon Ho-gae’s mother kills herself. Yeon Ho-gae begins to hate Dam-deok as he learns that Gi-ha, who he had feelings for, loves Dam-deok and believes that Dam-deok is responsible for the death of his mother. While fighting the generals and noblemen of the Hwacheon Group, who try to make Yeon Ho-gae king, Dam-deok falls victim to a conspiracy. In the end, Dam-deok’s father is killed and Dam-deok, in the heat of a crisis, one by one discovers Hyeonmu, Jujak, Baekho and then Cheongnyong. Is it really possible for Dam-deok to become king as foretold by destiny thousands of years ago?
● Characters
Dam-deok /played by Bae Yong-jun

Dam-deok is the king of Jyusin, born as a descendent of God on the day a king star lights up. He later becomes the Great King Gwanggaeto of Goguryeo. He is destined to become king of Jyusin by locating objects in which Jujak, Hyeonmu, Baekho and Cheongnyong are confined, and locating their owners.
He is also a crucial character since the time of Hwan-ung. He is skilled in martial arts and scholarship, and also has powerful leadership abilities. He has a strong sense of justice and does not discriminate against people. His character is completely different from preceding kings, as he is also tenderhearted.
Seo Gi-ha / played by Mun So-ri 

As a female priest of a tribe that once worshiped a tiger, she used to be Ga-jin, who was able to control fire. At that time, as a consequence of her viciousness and harassment of Hwan-ung, she is stripped of her fire-controlling ability. In present times, she is reincarnated as Gi-ha, an older sister of Suzini. As a child, she is orphaned by the Hwacheonhoe Group and develops amnesia. Separated from Suzini, she is raised by the Hwacheon Group, unaware of her sister’s existence.

At the age of 15, she is taken to the royal palace by the Hwacheon Group and falls in love with Dam-deok, the descendent of Hwan-ung. Although she realizes that she is Jujak, she inevitably shows loyalty to the Hwacheon Group. Her feminine charm wins her Yeon Ho-gae’s love, but she is a fierce, stubborn and exceptionally jealous woman.
Suzini / played by Lee Ji-ah

As a reincarnation of Sae-oh, a woman from the Bear Tribe that worshiped a bear, Suzini had given birth to Hwan-ung’s son. As a child, she loses her parents to the Hwacheon Group and becomes separated from her older sister. Yet, despite this, she is raised a bright person by the people of Geomul Village.
Because she grows up in Geomul Village, where there are no women, she becomes a warrior skilled in archery, wagering and pickpocketing. However, she has a good heart and always helps those in need. She likes to chase after Dam-deok but is not sensitive enough to recognize her love for him.
Yeon Ho-gae / played by Yun Tae-young

Yeon Ho-gae is the son of Goguryeo’s most noble family. He was born on the same night as Dam-deok, when the star of Jyusin lit the sky. Born to a woman who is a sister of the royal family and a man who is a high nobleman with the mightiest authority, he is widely accepted as the king of Jyusin.
Although he has a happy childhood with Dam-deok and Gi-ha, he learns that Gi-ha, who he loved, is in love with Dam-deok and believes that Dam-deok is responsible for the death of his mother. From then on, he and Dam-deok are rivals. He is not actually a vicious person, but he chooses the wrong path because of the circumstances around him. He is also a romantic who has enduring love for Gi-ha.
● Film Locations
Park Southernland, Jeju Island
Park Southernland is a set built jointly by Jeju Island and the production company of Taewangsasingi (Legend). It is a 20,000-pyeong-site set within Jeju Island’s Myosanbong Tourist District. It is a massive set that cost over 13 billion won to build. The set has a king’s palace, which is a major filming location for Taewangsasingi (Legend), a king’s office and bedroom, gaekjan (an old-fashioned restaurant serving food and drink), shops and markets and ordinary houses. Among these, the marketplace and the residence of Yeon Ga-ryeo, Goguryeo’s highest nobleman, are the most eye-catching. They aptly display the prosperity and lavishness of the Goguryeo Kingdom.
The outdoor sets are currently open to the public, though the indoor sets are closed. After the filming of Taewangsasingi (Legend) was completed, the site was used to film ‘Full House 2‘.

Admission: Adults 19 and over: 8,000 won; Teenagers 12–18: 6,000 won; Children 5–11: 4,000 won
Hours: 09:00–18:00
Korea Travel Phone: +82-64-1330 (Korean, English, Japanese, Chinese)
Telephone: Park Southernland +82-64-782-9471
Homepage: (Korean)
Directions: Gimpo Airport → Take a flight to Jeju International Airport → At Jeju International Airport, take a bus bound for the inter-city bus terminal → At the inter-city bus terminal, take a bus bound for Hamdeok via Donghae Route Tour Road → Get off at Hamdeok and take a taxi (about 20 minutes to Park Southernland)

* Public transportation takes much longer and it can be difficult for foreign tourists to find their way. Therefore, if you are travelling to Jeju on your own, it is more convenient to rent a car or hire a taxi for the tour.

→ For more information, click here!
Naju Samhanji Theme Park
Naju Shamhanji Theme Park is a place where many scenes of the Buyeo Kingdom, including Buyeogung Palace, an ironware factory and downtown area, were filmed for Jumong, which is a hit drama that was recently televised. Built on a 450,000-pyeong site, the large-scale set cost over 18 billion won to create and was also used to film Taewangsasingi (Legend). Both the famous scenes featuring Dam-deok, as a child, visiting an old lady at a natural dye plant, trying his hand at dyeing, and then playing a soldier-like Dam-deok riding a horse through a vast field were filmed here. It is a well-known fact that the actors and crew who were filming at Jeju would make a five-hour boat trip to Naju to shoot here. During filming, Japanese fans came to Naju to observe from a distance.

Korea Travel Phone: +82-61-1330 (Korean, English, Japanese, Chinese)
Hours: 09:00–18:00 (* The set is not open to the public during filming, so be sure to check the schedule in advance.)
Admission: Adults 19 years and over: 3,000 won; Teenagers 13–19: 2,500 won; Children 6–12: 500 won
Directions: Take bus #160 in front of Gwangju Bus Terminal → Get off at Yeongsanpo Terminal and transfer to the bus bound for Gongsanmyeon (every 15 minutes) → Get off at Gongsanmyeon and take a taxi to the theme park (fare: 5,000 won)

* There is a bus from Gongsanmyeon to Samhanji Theme Park, but it does not come often, and it is difficult to transfer. A taxi is a more convenient means of transportation.

→ For more information, click here!
Goguryeo Blacksmith Village, Guri

Built on a 4,990-㎡ site in Acheon-dong Wuminae, Guri-si, Goguryeo Blacksmith Village has a Goguryeo steel mill, Malgal/Georan Tribe’s steel mill structures, the house of the Geomul Village chief, and a Mongolian village. It cost about 2.2 billion won to construct the set. Designed as an ecological space built mostly with stone and wood, it is the only Goguryeo blacksmith village in Korea and boasts Korea’s largest water mill and brick oven. It resembles an actual blacksmith’s shop as water falls from a water mill with a seven-meter diameter and the brick oven is two stories tall.
Scenes of the daily life of Goguryeo citizens were filmed here, including scenes of the blacksmith village. Once the filming of Taewangsasingi (Legend) was completed, it was transformed into Korea’s first Goguryeo Folk Village. An exhibition hall displaying ancient ironware culture was built. The site has been open to the public since December, once filming was completed.
Korea Travel Phone: +82-31-1330 (Korean, English, Japanese, Chinese)
Address: 42-1 Acheon-dong san, Guri-si
Directions: Get off at Gwangnaru Station on subway line 5 → Take a taxi in front of Gwangnaru Station, exit 3 (about 10 minutes)

→ For more information, click here!
Anmyeondo Island Open Set
About two billion won was invested to build the Anmyeondo Island Open Set on a site spanning 9,744-㎡ in Nudong-ri, Gonam-myeon, Taean-gun. The set houses military tents for field operations led by the great King Gwanggaeto. The place was used mainly to film glorious battle scenes first introduced in episode 15. Scenes of Goguryeo armored warriors bravely riding horses were filmed here.
The new, tough image of Dam-deok, who appeared rather gentle at the beginning of the drama, attracted attention. In particular, a spectacular battle scene from the final episode was filmed at Anmyeondo. Computer graphics as well as about 1,000 extras created a fantastic scene.

Korea Travel Phone: +82-41-1330 (Korean, English, Japanese, Chinese)
Address: Nudong-ri, Gonam-myeon, Taean-gun, Chungcheongnam-do
Get off at Nambu Terminal Station on subway line 3 → Go to Gate 5 at Nambu Bus Terminal and take a bus to Anmyeondo (11 times daily at 06:40, 07:20, 08:40, 09:20, 10:00, 11:20, 11:50, 12:30, 14:00, 15:00, 16:00; duration: 3 hours; fare: 9,400 won) → In front of Anmyeondo Bus Terminal, take a city bus bound for Nudong-ri or take a taxi
Get off at Express Bus Terminal Station on subway line 3 or 7 → Take a bus bound for Anmyeondo at the Express Bus Terminal (four times daily at 07:20,10:50, 13:40, 17:40; duration: 2 hours; fare: 9,400 won) → In front of Anmyeondo Bus Terminal, take a city bus bound for Nudong-ri or take a taxi

→ For more information, click here!
Wando Sosepo Open Set
Wando Sosepo Open Set is where scenes of a shipyard that built ships during the years of the great King Gwanggaeto were filmed. This place is more famous as a filming location for 'Emperor of the Sea’ as its major scenes were filmed here. A 16,000-pyeong site houses a variety of sets, including a dock, ships, inns, and military quarters. The complex is designed to recreate various scenes from the Tang Dynasty period. A number of historic dramas have been filmed here. In addition to Sosepo Village, where Taewangsasingi (Legend) was filmed, the Shilla Village set in the east has private houses and taverns.

Korea Travel Phone: +82-61-1330 (Korean, English, Japanese, Chinese)
Directions: Gwangju Express Bus Terminal→ Take an inter-city bus bound for Gangjin (1 hour 30 minutes) or an inter-city bus bound for Haenam (1 hour 40 minutes) → Transfer to a bus bound for Wando Wondong Terminal and get off at Wando Wondong Terminal (40 minutes) → Take a bus bound for Seobu at Wando Wondong Terminal (20 minutes) → Get off at Sosepo Cheonghae Village

→ For more information, click here!
Source: iMBC, CINE21

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