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Korean TV Drama print

The idea behind the emotional drama, ‘Sorry, I Love You,’ was dreamed up by the cooperation of writers and producers behind a series of mania fan clubs. Over 6 months after the drama came to a close, fans were still leaving messages on the homepage. There were over 1,000,000 posts on their bulletin.
The popularity of ‘Sorry, I Love You’ came as a big surprise. The producer and director of the drama, Lee Hyeong-Min, was already well known for his simultaneous productions of ‘Winter Sonata’ and ‘Autumn Fairy Tale.’ Another drama he produced that was popular amongst the younger generation was ‘Sangdu, Let’s go to School!’ featuring the singer Rain.
‘Sorry, I Love You’ was selected as the best drama in a survey of which drama should be made into a movie in May 2005, continuing to receive much love even long after its ending. The drama's leading male, So Ji-Sub, made this his last drama before entering the army.

‘Sorry, I Love You’ Information

Director: Lee Hyeong-Min
Cast: So Ji-Sub, Lim Su-Jeong, Jeong Gyeong-Ho, Seo Ji-Yeong, Lee Hye-Yeong
Broadcasting Station: KBS.
Televised Dates: November 8, 2004 ~ December 28, 2004 (Mondays, Tuesdays 9:55pm)
Homepage: (Korean).


Adopted by Australian foster parents, Mu-Hyeok leaves home because he can no longer bear any more mistreatment. Mu-Hyeok ends up working all sorts of difficult and dirty jobs until one day he meets another Korean adopted into an Australian family. He soon falls in love with her while looking after her. However, she eventually chooses money over love, and marries an old, rich Australian. He attends her wedding and ends up getting shot trying to save his love. After surviving this nearly fatal accident, he ends up returning to Korea and finds out the complicated secrets of his past.
On the other hand, Eun-Chae is the coordinator of top-star, also her love since childhood, Yoon. Eun-Chae is always by Yoon’s side, but has never been able to confess her love for him, as he continuously thinks of Eun-Chae as his friend. Then one day, Yoon hires a new manager, and Eun-Chae’s attention is slowly drawn towards this rude character. This starts a tragic love between the coordinator, Eun-Chae and the manager, Mu-Hyeok.

Character Background

Cha Mu-Hyeok- played by So Ji-Sub

Cha Mu-Hyeok is a hot-tempered, fussy character who has a dirty mouth and is always shouting. He is a character that hates to lose, and fights very well. His mother left him when he was 2 years old and then he was adopted by an Australian family. At the age of ten, he leaves home, being unable to withstand the harsh treatment from his foster father. He then falls in love with a girl in a similar situation as him, named Moon Ji-Yeong. However, she ends up marrying a rich Australian. Mu-Hyeok attends the wedding and is shot while trying to stop the marriage. He then returns to Korea after being persuaded by Ji-Yeong and becomes manager to Yoon who is a top-star.

Song Eun-Chae- played by Lim Soo-Jung

Eun-Chae is a resilient character not discouraged by hard times and possesses a personality that is unable to look the other way when something is wrong. Her mother was the coordinator for Yoon’s mom as she is for Yoon. Though she lives in the basement of Yoon’s house with her grandma, younger sister, and parents, she is never discouraged or embarrassed. Her family is actually very proud of their lives, always positive and strong. She is secretly in love with her childhood friend, Yoon, always beside him in case he needs help, until one day Yoon hires Mu-Hyeok as his manager. After she meets Mu-Hyeok , she usually cries and cries.

Choe Yoon - played by Jeong Gyeong-Ho

He is the son of the formerly famous actress Oh Deul-Hee, and is currently Korea’s top singer. Although he creates problems from time to time, making it hard for the people around him, he possesses the charisma able to captivate the eyes and ears of his audience. His good-looks, singing talent, and modesty capture the hearts of all women. He publicly falls in love with singer, Kang Min-Ju, but breaks up with her when Min-Ju begins to become attracted to Mu-Hyeok. Yoon, totally shocked after finding out that Min-Ju has fallen in love with Mu-Hyeok, gets into a car accident. His near-death experience makes him realize that his real love is Eun-Chae.

Kang Min-Ju - played by Seo Ji-Yeong

Seo Ji-Yeong was formerly a member of a popular singing group, making her first appearance as an actress after the group breakup. The producers tried to use her singing background, making her a singer in the drama as well. She is Yoon’s rival singer, possessing a great singing ability, beauty, and being born into an extremely rich family. Her relatives are quite rich as well, her grandfather being the prime minister. She begins a relationship with Yoon, but always finds herself feeling love to Yoon’s manager, Mu-Hyeok, whenever she feels insufficient.

Film Locations
Jeju Seaes Hotel & Resort
Most of the 15 episodes of ‘Sorry, I Love You’ were filmed on Jeju Island. The hotel that the main characters Mu-Hyeok and Eun-Chae stayed at is located in Jeju’s Jungmundanji. The Seaes Hotel is a first-class hotel, approximately 66,000 sq. meters wide, featuring a traditional Jeju building exterior with a modernized interior. The hotel boasts beautiful surrounding natural scenery, and has been featured in a number of TV programs aside from ‘Sorry, I Love You.’ Therefore, if you would like to visit the Seaes Hotel, you should make reservations at least one week in advance.

Seaes Hotel Information
Address: Jeju-do Seogwipo-si Jungmun-dong 2563-1
Contact: +82-64-735-3000 (Korean, English, Japanese) / FAX +82-2-3143
Homepage: (Korean, English, Chinese, Japanese)
Directions: Take the airport limousine #600 to the left of the Jeju International Airport
Hours of Operation: 6:20am ~ 9:50pm / Periods of Operation: Every 15 mins. / Travel Time: 50 mins. / Bus Rate: \3,500 (One-Way)

Incheon Seolbong Park
The gateway to the World Ceramic Exposition is located at Incheon’s Seolbong Park. The park offers an esplanade around a large lake and features a series of famous sculptures nearby. To get to Incheon Seolbong Park, take a bus from the Dong Seoul Bus Terminal to the Incheon City Bus Terminal. Then, take a taxi, since it is the easiest way to find your way there. The bus operates from 6:30 a.m. to 9:20 p.m. at 30 to 50 min. intervals. It usually takes around 1 hour to get there.

Chungnam Seocheon Sinseongni Reed Fields
This is the location of the drama’s 5th episode, and also the film location for the movie ‘JSA.’ This rare tourist location has a beautiful view of sun rays beaming down on the sparkling Geumgang and pampas grass fields. Most of the tour agencies offer a Sinseongni Reed Field Tour every week. It is difficult to get to the fields alone, so it is best to first take a train from Yongsan Station to Seocheon. Then take a bus from Seocheon City Bus Terminal (7:50 a.m. ~ 10:10 p.m. / 17 buses daily) towards Hansan and walk from Hansan Yeonbong Elementary School.

[Photo Gallery]

Photographs provided by: Cine 21, KBS

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