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Korean TV Drama print

• All In

On March 3, 2003, eighteen reporters from Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore, and Thailand were in a bustle at Jeju International Airport. Why did they come to Jeju Island, one of the most beautiful places in Korea? The answer is 'All In,' a special TV drama produced by SBS (Seoul Broadcast System) based on the true story of Cha Min-su, a pro gambler and a pro janggi (Korean chess) player. Mr. Cha is the model for the main character Kim In-ha, played by Lee Byung-hun. Mr. Cha has had an even more dramatic life than what was portrayed in the drama. He went to Las Vegas with only 18 dollars and became a millionaire. 'All In' is a story about a passion for success, victory and defeat in business and at the casino, and a love sorrowful and pure. It was inspired by Mr. Cha's fiction-like life.

Before this drama came on the air, East Asians were already interested in the main actress Song Hye-gyo and actor Lee Byung-hun.

Lee Byung-hun plays an orphan who becomes a great pro gambler, and his sweetheart is Song Hye-gyo. These two make this drama extremely popular with a program rating of over 40 percent in Korea. They received hard training in Las Vegas and at a special casino in Korea. While making the film in Las Vegas the whole staff applauded their talents and hard work.

Also, Jeju Island is in the news quite a bit these days and the 'All In' drama sets there are becoming popular. Many tourists have already visited the sets at Seobjikoji and other studios, and more tourists are expected to come steadily. 'All In' has already signed a contract with G-TV in Taiwan, and is hoping to be exported to I-TV in Thailand, Hong Kong and Singapore.
Detailed Information
Drama Homepage :
Producer: Cheolyong Yu
Cast : Lee Byung-hun, Song He-gyo, Ji Seong, Pak Sol-mi
Broadcasting company: SBS / January 15, 2003 ~ April 3, 2003
• Synopsis

Kim In-ha (Lee Byung-heon) is an orphan and grows up with gambler Kim Chi-su. He falls in love with Min Su-yeon (Song Hye-gyo) and makes friends with Choi Jeong-won (Ji Seong), the son of hotelier Choi Do-hwan (Lee Deok-hwa).  After Jeong-won becomes In-ha's best friend, he meets In-ha's girlfriend Su-yeon, and falls in love with her.

In-ha is accused of murder by Jeong-won's father and makes an escape to the United States. In Las Vegas he meets a teacher of card games and becomes a professional gambler. After he wins the World Poker Championship, he returns to Korea to run a casino and hotel business. Back home, he contends for victory and success with his friend but rival, Jeong-won.

• Filming Locations
Lotte Hotel

Address : 2812-4 Saekdal-dong, Seoguipo-si, Jeju-do (located in Jungmun Resort)
Tel : +82-64-731-1000 (Korean/English/Japanese)
Website : (Korea/English/Japanese)
Directions : take an airport limousine bus (No. 600) from Jeju Airport to the Lotte Hotel, every 15 minutes, a 50-minute ride.

You can enjoy the beautiful Jeju scenery overlooking the Pacific and the romantic atmosphere of a Dutch windmill on a lakeside cliff. The windmill shows up frequently in important scenes in the drama.
You will see the site where Su-yeon first meets In-ha at the Lobby Lounge, and Jeong-won and Su-yeon miss bumping into each other on the stairs of the lobby. Su-yeon gives a gift to In-ha at the bench in front of the windmill, and after In-ha is promoted, he looks over the beach from the observation platform there. There are now signposts with scenes and lines at the each of these places.

HYATT Regency Hotel

Address : 3039-1 Seakdal-dong, Seguipo-si, Jeju-do (located in Jungmun Resort)
Tel : +82-64-733-1234 (Korean, English, Japanese)
Website :, English, Japanese)
Directions : take an airport limousine bus (No. 600) from Jeju Airport to the Hyatt Hotel, every 15 minutes, a 50-minute ride.

The Hyatt Regency Hotel in Jeju transforms into the 'Sea World Hotel' in the television drama, 'All In.' The ambitious Choi Do-hwan, played by actor Lee Deok-hwa, runs the Sea World Hotel and Casino along with his son Jeong-won, played by Jiseong. The presidential suite on the 11th floor is a place for making deals and for Jeong-won, falling in love. It was here where he first set eyes on Min Su-yeon, played by Song Hye-gyo. Jeong-won spent many times on the balcony of the 11th floor suite looking out over the cobalt ocean and thinking about his new love. At the Island Lounge, Jeong-won drinks with Su-yeon and realizes that she still has feelings for her first love. She drinks too much and Jeong-won ends up carrying Su-yeon on his back to the suite. Another scene in the drama takes place in the Dadami Room of the Japanese restaurant at the hotel. Here Jeong-won's father tries to set his son up with a wealthy businessman's daughter.

Paradise Hotel Jeju

Address : 511 Paradise Hotel Jeju, Topyeong-dong, Seogwipo-si, Jeju-do
Tel : +82-64-763-2100(Korean, English, Japanese)
Directions : take the airport limousine bus (Nos. 300 or 600) from Jeju Airport to the Paradise Hotel Jeju, every 15 minutes, an hour and 20 minutes' trip.

Built where former Korean President Syngman Rhee had his villa, this hotel first opened in 1963 in the Mediterranean style. It is located near Jeongbang Falls at Seogwipo Beach and offers a truly majestic view of the ocean and surrounding cliffs. Honeymoon House is the Korean restaurant in this hotel with a sweet decor, proud to serve the traditional teas of Jeju Island and a high-quality menu. In the drama, Su-yeon has dinner with Jin-hui in this restaurant. Other sets in the drama include the living room and lobby of the hotel's honeymoon suite, and a walk around the suite is shown.

International Conventioin Center Jeju

The International Convention Center Jeju located in Jungmun Resort was designed in grand style and acted as Lee Byeong-hun's character's office in the drama. His office was located on the second floor with large glass windows offering breathtaking views of the surrounding landscape as well as his rival's hotel, the Hyatt Regency. This area is now used as a restaurant.
>> Click here for more information.

Jungmun Golf Course

Located at Jungmun Resort on the southern coast, this 18-hole course offers exotic southern coastal views. It is Korea's only seaside course, above seashore cliffs and a plunging valley. Golfing is all year round on evergreen lawns amid surrounding beauty. Jiseong's character played many rounds of golf here. Lee Byeong-hun also had some scenes here after his character returned from the United States and needed to refine himself into a proper young businessman. Scenes of his golf lessons were shot here.
>> Click here for more information

Daeyu Land

Daeyu Land offers bird hunting, sporting clays, and rifle and pistol target shooting all year round, with ultra-modern facilities. You can have a shotgun rental, hunting dog, suit and shoes, and a guide, for a hundred thousand won. You can get in a round of practice with clay pigeons for 30,000 won, and cartridges are 1,000 won apiece. Afterwards, you can go out for pheasant or quail in about three hours. You can also enjoy the pheasant-breeding farm, clubhouse, and, of course, the large hunting grounds. In the drama, Jin-hui and her father meet Jeong-won and his father at Daeyu Land after shooting clays. >> Click here for more information

• Bueong-hun Lee Interview
Taiwan press corps.

Q: You are a pro gambler in this drama. Do you have talent for gambling?
A: I didn't know how to gamble - only learned for this drama.
Q: I heard that 《All In》has the highest popularity rating for a TV drama. What is the main reason?
A: I really appreciate it. The main reason is the ability and the efforts made by our director and the writer. Also I believe the story is very interesting, based on a true story. The actors also worked very hard.
Q: You are very handsome actor with good acting ability. What do you say about that?
A: (Smile) When I was young I thought I was a good-looking guy. I don't believe that any more. But I do think I'm a charming person. Thank you for saying so.
Q: Do you have any plans to visit to Taiwan?
A: I have been to Taiwan once for my movie JSA, and would like to go again if I get a chance.
Q:《All In》 will be telecast in Taiwan. Do you have any thoughts about that?
A: I hope it is not dubbed in Taiwanese because dubbing cannot transmit an actor very well. Though it is not easy to read subtitles, I hope they subtitle the film instead of dubbing.
Q: Could you say hello to your Taiwan fans?
A: I am really grateful for my fans in Taiwan. I do hope you all enjoy and love 《All In》.

Hong Kong press corps.

Q: How do you feel about acting with the actress Hye-gyo Song?
A: She is very pretty and I worried a little about acting with her, but after we did the scenes together, my worries blew away.
Q: What kind of woman do you like?
A: I don't have any particular type. My type can change when I meet a lovely woman. I guess I like to be comfortable with a woman as my best friend.
Q: What do you think about Hye-gyo song?
A: She is a very mature woman in character. Sometimes I feel she is more mature than I, even though I'm older.
Q: Would you like to come to Hong Kong?
A: I haven't finalized any plans, but I do have friends in Hong Kong. It will be fun to go there.
Q: I heard 'All In' is a very popular program in Korea. Is there any possibility of a continuation of the drama? A: No, there isn't.
Singapore press corps.

Q: I heard that during filming there is very little time.
A: I didn't sleep for four days once. I asked my mom to pack my stuff, picked it up at the airport, and took off for the USA. I was finally able to sleep on the flight. When I watched my own acting, I couldn't remember everything I had done!
Q: What did your mom say?
A: She said that it was hard to understand why that happened to us. (Smile)
Q: In the movie you are accused of murder. Do you have any real life experience of being disgraced unfairly?
A: Sure, many times -I was misunderstood to have passed gas in an elevator (smile). But never anything serious.
Q: You have a fan club in Singapore. Do they have any effect on you?
A: Yes, I think about my fans a lot. Thanks very much.
Q: Did you ever go to a movie with your fans?
A: Yes. I feel responsible to them to act as well as I can. But sometimes I acted thoughtlessly because I was so busy. I feel sorry for that.
Q: Have you ever felt seriously in love, as in this story?
A: Yes, in fact I have.
Q: Will you make your debut abroad?
A: I hope so. Now, I try to do my best here in Korea. Later I can think about acting abroad.
Q: Many scenes were filmed on Jeju Island. Where was your favorite place?
A: It took all our time to film, and we were limited in being able to tour around. One of my favorite places, though, was Seobjikoji. This is a wonderful place, very cool. I felt refreshed there.
Thailand press corps.

Q: In Thailand Korean music and drama have begun to be known over the last two years. How do you feel about that?
A: I am impressed that even though Koreans and Thai share different cultures and language, we can enjoy the same works and music.
Q: We are supposed to import 《All In》. What do you think?
A: Why don't we talk about that after it happens? (Smile) 《All In》 is a big scale drama about a man's life. It is a kind of love story, but it is different from boy-meets-girl stories such as Gyeulyeonga (Winter Sonata) and Gaeuldonghwa (Autumn in My Heart). If Thais like a big-scale drama, I'm sure you will like it. I hope you will love this drama.

* The pictures above are provided by SBS.