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Hanji (Korean Paper) print

Hanji(Korean Paper)

Hanji , traditional Korean paper, has many great uses. Historically, in addition to its use in books and notebooks, it was used to cover windows and doors to keep rooms warm and protect them from the wind. Koreans were able to use hanji as door and window screen paper because it is durable and can last over 1,000 years thanks to the unique process by which it is made.

In addition, it is smooth and shiny and features outstanding ventilation and insulation effects. When hanji is pasted on doors and windows, it blocks wind while letting sunlight subtly pass through. Hanji not only created a very elegant ambience, but it was also very effective in controlling temperature and humidity. Thanks to its durability and versatility, it was even used to make armor. The paper armor made of layers of hanji stopped arrows. Four Korean publications have been designated by UNESCO as Memory of the World Heritage because many books made from hanji exist even to this day .

Hanji(Korean Paper)

These days, doll-making with hanji is popular. Dolls made of hanji , which feature a unique texture and the feel of soil, are very depictive of Korean culture. A hanji museum and dak paper museums are open at four locations across Korea .
Thanks to beautiful designs that highlight the textures of dak paper, it now has many new uses, such as wrapping paper, material for handicrafts, and letter paper.
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