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Maemuldo Islands (매물도)

  • Maemuldo Islands (매물도)
  • Maemuldo Islands (매물도)
  • Maemuldo Islands (매물도)
  • Maemuldo Islands (매물도)
  • Maemuldo Islands (매물도)

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Maemuldodaehang-gil, Tongyeong-si, Gyeongsangnam-do
경상남도 통영시 한산면 매물도대항길 일대
Seasides/ Beaches/ Islands
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    Maemul Islands (매물도) refer to the three islands in Maejuk-ri, Hansan-myeon: Daemaemul Island (대매물도), Somaemul Island (소매물도), and Deungdae (lighthouse) Island (등대도, also known as Geulssingiseom Island (글씽이섬)). The best view can be seen from the sea cliffs of Somaemuldo Island and Deungdaedo Island. Somaemuldo Island, whose entire area is no more than 2.51㎢, is the main island, and Daemaemuldo Island, Hongdo Island, Deungdaedo Island (Haeguemdo Island), Daegueulbido Island and Sogueulbido Island are all smaller islets scattered around the main island. Somaemuldo Island is home to about 20 households.

    If you hike up the hill behind the village, you can reach the highest point of Somaemuldo Island, or Mangtaebong. There is a natural observation spot where you can look out at all the islets of Tongyeong including Deungdae Island as well as Haegeumgang of Geoje. The waves hitting the cliffs, generating white foams and rainbow sprays, is one of the most fascinating views on Korean southern coast.

    At the peak of summer, you can enjoy water sports or try scuba-diving in the deep areas. Visitors are strongly recommended to look around Somaemuldo Island by passenger boat from which it’s easier to see the surrounding cliffs and wave action.

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