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Surisan Provincial Park (수리산도립공원)

  • Surisan Provincial Park (수리산도립공원)
  • Surisan Provincial Park (수리산도립공원)
  • Surisan Provincial Park (수리산도립공원)
  • Surisan Provincial Park (수리산도립공원)
  • Surisan Provincial Park (수리산도립공원)
  • Surisan Provincial Park (수리산도립공원)
  • Surisan Provincial Park (수리산도립공원)
  • Surisan Provincial Park (수리산도립공원)
Sokdal-dong, Gunpo-si, Gyeonggi-do
경기도 군포시, 안산시, 안양시
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    Surisan Mountain (수리산), a provincial park of Gyeonggi Province, surrounds Gunpo City and is easily accessible as it can be reached in about one hour from anywhere in the Seoul metropolitan area. Grand old trees that range from 100 to 300 years old make for picturesque scenery. The mountain is also an important ecological zone, inhabited by many species of flowers and butterflies that are only found in Korea, along with many endangered species of animals and plants. Meanwhile, the value of areas such as Bat Ridge along Taeeul Peak, Seulgi Peak, Surisa Temple, or Wind Hill in Sokdal-dong are all immeasurable for their natural scenery.

    Hiking Course
    [Course 1] Surisan Station - Neungnae Tunnel - Imdo 5-geori - Seulgibong Peak - Taeulbong Peak - Gwanmobong Peak - Suri Well<br>
    [Course 2] Yongjinsa Temple Entrance - Seongbulsa Temple - Imgan Study Room - Meeting Plaza - Seulgibong Peak<br>
    [Course 3] Behind Ellim Welfare - Himgireuneun Forest - Reading Forest -Taeulbong Peak

    Natural Preservation Period (closed to public)
    Seasonal Forest Fire Watches
    Spring: March 2-April 30
    Autumn: November 1-December 15
    * Periods and areas are subject to change based on fire weather advisories, snow/precipitation levels, and other local conditions.

    Restricted Mountain Areas
    * Refer to the website. (Korean only)

    Available Facilities
    Surisan Forest Recreation Zone, picnic area (Chipmunk classroom, forest of poetry, healthy foot acupuncture, barefoot yellow soil path), outdoor classroom, meeting place, rest area, meditation forest, magpie classroom, stregthening forest, reading forest, thinking forest, socalizing place, resting forest, tubular shelter picnic area yaksuteo, mountain strawberry yaksuteo, suri yaksuteo, etc

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