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Bulyeongsa Temple (Uljin) (불영사(울진))

  • Bulyeongsa Temple (Uljin) (불영사(울진))
  • Bulyeongsa Temple (Uljin) (불영사(울진))
  • Bulyeongsa Temple (Uljin) (불영사(울진))
  • Bulyeongsa Temple (Uljin) (불영사(울진))
  • Bulyeongsa Temple (Uljin) (불영사(울진))
  • Bulyeongsa Temple (Uljin) (불영사(울진))
  • Bulyeongsa Temple (Uljin) (불영사(울진))
  • Bulyeongsa Temple (Uljin) (불영사(울진))
  • Bulyeongsa Temple (Uljin) (불영사(울진))
48, Buryeongsa-gil, Seo-myeon, Uljin-gun, Gyeongsangbuk-do
경상북도 울진군 금강송면 불영사길 48
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    Bulyeongsa Temple (불영사), located at the western foot of Mt. Cheonchuksan in Uljin, Gyeongsangbuk-do, was built during the Silla period. ‘Bulyeongsa’ means ‘the reflection of Buddha’s shadow on the pond.’ A lovely path leads from the parking area to the temple, and a beautiful pond and green farm in the courtyard give the temple, inhabited by Buddhist nuns, a cozy and welcoming feeling.

    The 13km-long Bulyeongsa Valley is also found around Bulyeongsa Temple. With unique rock formations and thick forest, the valley creates an almost mystical atmosphere. Even though Bulyeongsa Valley is not as magnificent or splendid as Cheonbuldong Valley at Mt. Seoraksan or Mureung Valley and Bogyeongsa Valley at Mt. Odaesan, it offers a serene and beautiful view against the backdrop of Mt. Cheonchuksan.

    N/A (Open all year round)

    Hiking Course
    * Course 1 (Required time: 4 hrs)  
    Seongnyugul cave (성류굴) - Mangyangjeong (망양정) - Mangyang beach - Buryeongsa valley - Buryeongsa Temple - Uljin (울진)

    * Course 2 (Required time: 5 hrs)  
    Baegam hot spring - Wolsongjeong (월송정) - Mangyangjeong - Mangyang beach - Seongnyugul cave - Buryeongsa valley - Buryeongsa Temple - Yeonhojeong (연호정) - Uljin

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    * Adult: ages 19-65, Youth: ages 14-18, Children: ages 8-13
    * Free admission: Seniors, persons with disabilities, men of national merit


    Not permitted

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