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Sangwonsa Temple (Wonju) (상원사(원주)

  • Sangwonsa Temple (Wonju) (상원사(원주)
  • Sangwonsa Temple (Wonju) (상원사(원주)
  • Sangwonsa Temple (Wonju) (상원사(원주)
  • Sangwonsa Temple (Wonju) (상원사(원주)
  • Sangwonsa Temple (Wonju) (상원사(원주)
  • Sangwonsa Temple (Wonju) (상원사(원주)
  • Sangwonsa Temple (Wonju) (상원사(원주)
  • Sangwonsa Temple (Wonju) (상원사(원주)
  • Sangwonsa Temple (Wonju) (상원사(원주)
  • Address 930, Seongnam-ro, Sillim-myeon, Wonju-si, Gangwon-do
    강원도 원주시 신림면 성남로 930 (신림면)
  • Type Temples/ Religious Sites
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    Nestled at the edge of Chiaksan Mountain’s (alt. 1,182m) Namdaebong Peak, Sangwonsa Temple was built on an area spanning over 100 pyeong (330.59㎡). Cool spring water gushes up through the crevice directly in front of the temple, and just before the crevice is a 40-meter high cliff at the end of which stand three rare specimens of cinnamon trees.

    Although the exact time of its foundation is unknown, it is assumed to have been built during the Silla Period. Designated as Tangible Cultural Heritage No. 25, the temple has two pagodas standing in front of Daeungjeon Hall, displaying the typical style that was popular in the Unified Silla Period, and hinting at the flourishing Buddhist culture of that time. As the temple is located on high land, it commands a sweeping view of the southern part of Chiaksan Mountain.

    * Historical Site of Sangwonsa Temple
    Existing structures include Daeungjeon Hall (designated as Cultural Heritage Material No. 18 on June 2, 1984) and others including Simudang, Simgeomdang, Beomjonggak, Sansingak, etc. The two pagodas in front of Daeungjeon became popular throughout the nation after the unification of the Three Kingdoms. The tips of these pagodas are rounded with a lotus bud carved on each one, making these pagodas extremely unique.


    Hiking Course
    * Seongnam-ri (성남리) - Sangwonsa Temple - Namdaebong peak (남대봉) - Yeongwonsa Temple (영원사) - Geumdae-ri (금대리)
    * Geumdae-ri - Yeongwonsa Temple - Sangwonsa Temple - Namdaebong Peak - Hyangnobong Peak - Godunchi - Birobong Peak - Seryeom waterfalls (세렴폭포) - Guryongsa (구룡사)

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