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Clayarch Gimhae Museum (클레이아크 김해미술관)

  • Clayarch Gimhae Museum (클레이아크 김해미술관)
  • Clayarch Gimhae Museum (클레이아크 김해미술관)
  • Clayarch Gimhae Museum (클레이아크 김해미술관)
  • Clayarch Gimhae Museum (클레이아크 김해미술관)
275-51, Jillye-ro, Jillye-myeon, Gimhae-si, Gyeongsangnam-do
경상남도 김해시 진례면 진례로 275-51
• 1330 Travel Hotline: +82-2-1330
(Korean, English, Japanese, Chinese)
• For more info: +82-55-340-7000
Operating Hours
10:00-18:00 (Last admission one hour before closing)
Mondays (the following business day if Monday is a public holiday), January 1, Seollal (Lunar New Year's Day) & Chuseok (Korean Thanksgiving Day) holidays
Length of Tour
Approx. 1~2 hr
  • Information
    The name “Clayarch” is a compound word of clay and arch, short for“architecture.” It embodies the basic spirit of the museum, which is to pursue development in the field of architectural ceramics through working with science, art, education, and industry.

    Clayarch Gimhae Museum aims to play a leading role in the development of architectural ceramics, which are now spreading across the globe. It intends to do so by rediscovering the relationship between ceramics and architecture – a matter that has been relatively ignored – as a new direction for ceramic art. This reflects the pluralism of this time, which seeks to pursue something creative and new and to overcome the limitations of specific fields through working with different genres. The museum seeks to actively lead this artistic attempt, and make aesthetic and scientific achievements in this field with theoretical backing gained through academic activities, lectures, and research.

    Structure Size
    Total area: 11,814.39㎡

    Maximum Occupancy
    500 people

    Collections Status
    5,036 fired paintings, ceramic architecture installation works, illustrations, drawings, photos and roof tiles, etc.

    Program Information
    [Hands-on program for ceramic-making]
    Program: One individual ceramic per person
    Fee: Individuals - 10,000 won / Groups (20 people +) - 8,000 won
    * Admission fee for guardian (when attending with individual children): 2,000 won
    Registration: Online reservation after making a phone-inquiry at +82-55-340-7060

    Age Limit for Activities
    Ages 4 and older

    Main Facilities
    Dome House, Cubic House, Art Kichen, ticket booth, pottery experience hall, restrooms, ceramic creativity center, storage, education center, etc.


    Admission / Participation Fees
    Individuals - Adults 2,000 won / Teenagers 1,000 won / Children 500 won
    Groups - Adults 1,600 won / Teenagers 800 won / Children 400 won

    Free: Preschoolers and younger & senior citizens (ages 65 and older)

    Not permitted

    Credit Cards Accepted

    Parking Facilities
    Available (200 spaces)

    Parking Fee

    Reservations required for groups over 20. (1 week in advance)
    Online Application

    Homepage (Korean, English)

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