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Osaek Jujeongol Valley (오색주전골)

  • Osaek Jujeongol Valley (오색주전골)
  • Osaek Jujeongol Valley (오색주전골)
  • Osaek Jujeongol Valley (오색주전골)
  • Osaek Jujeongol Valley (오색주전골)
  • Osaek Jujeongol Valley (오색주전골)
Yaksu-gil, Yangyang-gun, Gangwon-do
강원도 양양군 서면 약수길
Waterfalls/ Valleys/ Mineral Springs
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  • Information
    About 3 kilometers from Osaek Mineral Spring in South Seorak, the road splits, and you can take a trail to Yongsopokpo Falls and Sibipokpo (Twelve) Falls. Jujeongol Valley is the name of the valley that meanders up to Sibipokpo Falls. As you hike along this delightful path you encounter Seonnyeotang Pond, Dokjuam Rock, and Yongsopokpo Falls, and the Second Osaek Mineral Spring is a refreshing treat for thirsty hikers. The path is relatively smooth and can be enjoyed by hikers of all abilities.

    The hiking routes in South Seorak are open from 04:00-14:00 in winter and from 03:00-15:00 in summer.

    +82-33-636-7700, +82-33-672-2883

    Hiking Course
    [Tour course]
    * Biryong waterfalls (2hrs / 2.4km)
    * Geumganggul Cave (1hr 40min / 3.6km)
    * Ulsanbawi Rock (2hrs / 3.8km)
    * Yongso Falls (1hr / 3.2km) 센터
    * Baekdamsa Temple (1hr 30min/ 6.5km)
    * Daeseung Falls (1hr 20min / 0.9km)
    * Yangpok (2hrs 50min / 6.5km)
    * Suryeom-dong (3hrs / 11.2km) 대피소
    * Namgyo-ri (7hrs 30min / 11.3km)
    * Daecheongbong Peak (Osaek) (8hrs / 10km)
    * Daecheongbong Peak (Hangyeryeong Pass) (11hrs 40min / 19.3km / 1 night 2days course)
    * Daecheongbong Peak (Seorak-dong) (10hrs 20min / 16km / 1 night 2days course)
    * Gongnyong Ridge (14hrs 10min / 19.1km / 1 night 2days course)
    * Heullimgol (2hrs 50min / 3.3km)
    * Daecheongbong Peak (Baekdam Valley) (14hrs / 20.4km / 1 night 2days course)
    * Gwongeumseong Fortress (30min / 1.5km)

    Areas Open to the Public
    Seorak-dong ~ Ulsanbawi Rock
    Osaek mineral spring ~ Line Route 44 (Yongso Falls)
    Seo Park ~ Biryong waterfalls
    Yeosim waterfall ~ Yongso Falls
    Seo Park ~ Biseondae Rock ~ Geumganggul Cave
    Gamasolgol입구~Korea Botanic Garden

    Restricted Mountain Areas
    Madeungnyeong ~ Hangyeryeong
    Hwangjang Waterfall ~ Jangsudae
    Seo Park ~ Huiungak Shelter (3㎞ between Seo Park to Biseondae Rock is open for access)
    Biseondae Rock ~ Yeongsiam Rock
    Baekdamsa Temple ~ Daecheongbong Peak
    Namgyo ~ Daeseungnyeong ~ Hangyeryeong turning point
    Oseak ~ Daecheongbong Peak
    Seo Park ~ Gwongeumseong Fortress (except the cable car ride)
    Oseam Rock ~ Bongjeongam Hermitage
    Jujeongol Valley ~ Oseak Rock
    Osaek mineral spring ~ Manggyeongdae Terrace
    Gombaegol Cave ~ Gombaeryeong ~ Gangseon-ri
    Danmongnyeong ~ Jeombongsan Mountain ~ Gombaeryeong

    Parking Facilities
    Available (Seorak-dong C1, Seorak-dong C2, Seorak-dong B1, Seorak-dong B2, Seorak-dong A)


    Parking Fees
    S 2,000 won / M 4,000-5,000 won / L 6,000-7,500 won
    * Regular bus parking is excluded (Monthly parking is charged separately)

    Not permitted

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