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Muchangpo Beach (무창포해수욕장)

  • Muchangpo Beach (무창포해수욕장)
  • Muchangpo Beach (무창포해수욕장)
  • Muchangpo Beach (무창포해수욕장)
  • Muchangpo Beach (무창포해수욕장)
  • Muchangpo Beach (무창포해수욕장)
  • Muchangpo Beach (무창포해수욕장)
  • Muchangpo Beach (무창포해수욕장)

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Beach Swimming Period: June 25 - August 14, 2016
* Operating hour: 09:00-22:00
10, Yeollinbada 1-gil, Boryeong-si, Chungcheongnam-do
충청남도 보령시 웅천읍 열린바다1길 10
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    With a mystical path cutting into the ocean and a beautiful site to watch the stunning sunset, Muchangpo Beach is one of the first man-made beaches on the western coastline.

    The beach has a width of about 50m and a length of 1.5 km. The depth of the water is about 1m~2m and the water remains at a pleasant 22 degrees Celsius. Along the gently sloping beach is a vast pine tree forest, providing a relaxing place to enjoy the fresh waters and cool shade.

    During the tides of the summer season, you can witness a miraculous phenomenon where a road seems to emerge from the depths of the ocean, similar to how Moses parted the Red Sea. This happens near the embankments of the beach that extend to about 1.5 km, and occurs only twice a year during the high tide season on the lunar calendar.

    Furthermore, about a 20-minute drive away, is the Daechun seaport where fresh and delicious seafood and cooked crab meals can be bought at a cheap price.

    The Mysterious Sea-Parting Experience
    At the Muchang-po observation tower, which is located on top of a hill 50m away from the Muchang-po entrance, you can observe the spectacular view of the mysterious sea-parting phenomenon.

    The sea-parting phenomenon, which happens on the 15th and 30th of July on the Lunar Calendar, is accompanied by various activities such as the clam hunting and arm wrestling competitions, as well as traditional Korean folk games.


    Activity Information
    * Mysterious Sea Parting Festival:
    - Organized by the Ungcheon Junior Chamber and called the Moses Miracle, the annual festival witnesses the sea parting that stretches over 1.5km from Muchangpo Beach and Seokdaedo.

    * Tidal Land Experience

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    Shower booth, changing room, camping site, drinking fountain, auto camping site (operated by the city)

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