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Chuam Beach (추암해변)

  • Chuam Beach (추암해변)
  • Chuam Beach (추암해변)
  • Chuam Beach (추암해변)
  • Chuam Beach (추암해변)
  • Chuam Beach (추암해변)
  • Chuam Beach (추암해변)
  • Chuam Beach (추암해변)
26, Chotdaebawi-gil, Donghae-si, Gangwon-do
강원도 동해시 촛대바위길 26 (추암동)
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    Chuam Beach is a beach filled with a diverse variety of rock formations and coastal cliffs, where 150 meters of white sands leave you breathless. This beach is also called Haegeumgang Beach, due to its beautiful surrounding scenery. There is a lot to see on this rocky island, with its wild coastal cliffs boasting such formations as ‘Knife Rock’, ‘Candlestick Rock’, and of course caverns. The ‘Candlestick Rock’ is somewhat known to be symbolic of Chuam Beach, as it points sharply towards the heavens. Just behind ‘Candlestick Rock’ lies the summerhouse, Haeamjeong.

    The shoreline cliffs unfold into a panorama at the back of Haeamjeong, and at its front is the gorgeous view of the open ocean which can be taken in with just one glance. The quiet and shallow waters characterize Chuam Beach, making it perfect for the whole family to enjoy.


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