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Seonnyeo (Fairy) Rock Beach (선녀바위)

  • Seonnyeo (Fairy) Rock Beach (선녀바위)
  • Seonnyeo (Fairy) Rock Beach (선녀바위)
  • Seonnyeo (Fairy) Rock Beach (선녀바위)
  • Seonnyeo (Fairy) Rock Beach (선녀바위)
  • Seonnyeo (Fairy) Rock Beach (선녀바위)
68-2, Seonnyeobawi-ro, Jung-gu, Incheon
인천광역시 중구 을왕동 (을왕동)
Rare Animals/ Plants/Spectacular Cliffs & Rock Formations
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    The name "Fairy Rock Beach" comes from the fact that fresh water is gathered at the seashore beneath a rock that is shaped like a woman. The beach is quiet as there are not many tourists. Beautiful rocks surround the seaside and the center of the beach is covered with shellfish rinds. Those visiting the beach naturally look for the fairy rock, but it is not easy to find the rock among the numerous strangely shaped ones. Also, residents are reluctant to tell where the fairy rock is for fear that visitors may damage it.

    But there is no need to grumble about not finding the fairy rock. Just looking at the beach with all its strangely shaped rocks is enough to satisfy any visitor.

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