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Gangchon Resort (강촌유원지)

  • Gangchon Resort (강촌유원지)
  • Gangchon Resort (강촌유원지)
  • Gangchon Resort (강촌유원지)
34, Gangchon-ro, Chuncheon-si, Gangwon-do
강원도 춘천시 남산면 강촌로 34
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    The Gangchon Resort (강촌유원지) is a small village nestled along the Bukhangang River in Chuncheon, Gangwon-do. The river is on one side of the village, while Bonghwasan Mountain and Samaksan Mountain are on the opposite side, creating a beautiful scenery from all directions.

    Gangchon Station is conveniently located near the entrance to the recreational area. Many young couples enjoy taking the romantic train rides to this cozy little village. Therefore, this spot has become a popular place for college students to go to on weekend trips.

    The village area has campgrounds, a youth hostel and other lodging facilities, bicycle paths, bungee jump facilities and many other recreational areas.

    In addition, the area is especially famous for mountain biking. There are many places to rent bicycles; for those are not accustomed to mountain biking, motorized bicycles are also available. The most popular bicycle course is the well-made route to Gugok Waterfall. Bicycles can be left in the parking lot located near the entrance to the waterfalls. From the entrance, it is just a short hike up to the waterfall. As there will be many people using this popular bike route, follow the crowds and do not worry about getting lost. The 67 meter high waterfall is a natural wonder. People flock to this spot in the summer to escape the heat and in the winter to see the ice sheets gracefully frozen in time.

    +82-33-250-3089, +82-33-580-0088

    Parking Facilities

    Available Facilities
    Railbike, bungee jump, bike path, etc.


    Facilities for the Handicapped
    Not available

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