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Daecheongho Lake (대청호)

  • Daecheongho Lake (대청호)
  • Daecheongho Lake (대청호)
  • Daecheongho Lake (대청호)
  • Daecheongho Lake (대청호)
  • Daecheongho Lake (대청호)
  • Daecheongho Lake (대청호)

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Miho-dong, Daedeok-gu, Daejeon
대전 대덕구 미호동 일대
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  • Information
    Daecheongho Lake is a man-made lake, stretching across Cheongju-si, Okcheon-gun, and Boeun-gun. Construction began in 1975 and finished in 1980, and the lake supplies water for various use to people in Daejeon and Cheongju.

    The reservoir water spans an area of over 72.8㎢ with a length of 80km, and the water kept in storage has a volume of 1.5 billion tons, makes the reservoir the 3rd largest lake in Korea. The area is famous for the beautiful driving course along a tree-lined road through the nearby mountain which has an altitude of 200 to 300m. Also, resident birds and migratory birds, such as white heron, can be seen during summer in the upper region of the lake.

    Upon reaching the top of the observatory, a panorama of the entire surroundings can be seen. Opened in 1998, Water Culture Center is comprised of a 3-D Video room and aquarium as well as a grass field nearby. Geumgang Resort, Janggye Tourism Complex (Daecheong Beach Land), and Munui Cultural Properties Site are nearby tourist attractions. It takes roughly 3 hours to look around the whole lake by car.

    [Water Culture Center]
    +82-42-930-7332, +82-42-930-7340~1

    Admission Fees
    Free (Water Culture Exhibition Room(Changed name of the old Public Relations Exhibition Room)

    Available Facilities
    Daecheong Dam, Water Promotion Hall, Nature Ecological Hall, bench, etc.

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