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Dadohaehaesang National Park (Wando Section) (다도해해상국립공원(완도))

  • Dadohaehaesang National Park (Wando Section) (다도해해상국립공원(완도))
  • Dadohaehaesang National Park (Wando Section) (다도해해상국립공원(완도))
* Closed due to adverse conditions until announced (Korean only)
Wando-eup, Wando-gun, Jeollanam-do
전남 완도군 완도읍 여수시, 고흥군, 진도군, 신안군
National & Provincial & County Parks
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    From the seashore of Yeosu to Hongdo Island, Heuksando Island, Geomundo Island and Baekdo Island out west, Dadohaehaesang National Park covers about 1,700 small and large islands and various rocks. In the park, the blue sky and the ocean blend well with white sandy beaches, adding to the picturesque atmosphere.

    During the Silla period, the King of the Sea, Jang Bogo established the maritime world and during the Goryeo Dynasty, the area was a trading path with the Yuan and Song Dynasties. Also, it was the battlefield where Admiral Yi Sun-sin defeated the invading Japanese navy. Likewise, historical sites remains in many places.

    Among those islands, Hongdo Island and Heuksando Island are famous for tourists. In particular, one of Korea’s greatest fishery grounds is located in Heuksando Island.

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    Current Status
    UNESCO Biosphere Reserve Region

    * Subject to abrupt closure due to adverse weather conditions.

    Natural Preservation Areas (closed to public)
    Jeongdo-ri (Hiking Path Excluded): until 2026

    Hiking Course
    [Hiking Course]
    Heuksando Island Course (1 hour 50 minute / 92 km) – Two day one night course
    - Mokpo Passenger Terminal-Hueksando Island
    BigeumㆍDochodo Island Course (2 hours / 125 km) – Two day one night course
    - Mokpo Passenger Terminal-Docho Simok Beach-Bigeum Hanuneom Beach
    Jodo Island Course (3 hours 50 minute / 76.3 km)–Two days one night course
    - Mokpo Passenger Terminal-Jindo Paengmokhang Port-Jodo Island
    Gwanmaedo Island Course (4 hours 20 minutes / 72.83 km) – Three day two night course
    - Mokpo-Jindo Island-Jodo Island-Gwanmaedo Island
    Uido Island Course (3 hours / 74 km)
    Mokpo Passenger Terminal-Uido Island
    Hongdo Island Course (2 hours 30 minute / 115 km)
    - Mokpo Passenger Terminal-Heuksando Island-Hongdo Island
    Goheung Singeum Beach Course – Two day one night course
    - Goheung-eup-Singeum Beach
    Wando Island & Bogildo Island Course – Two day one night course
    -Wando Island-Bogildo Island
    Hyangilam Course
    - Yeosu Station-Dolsandaegyo Bridge-Impo-Hyangilam
    Balpo Beach Course
    - Goheung-eup-Balpo Beach
    Geomundo Island & Baekdo Island Course
    - Yeosu Passenger Terminal-Gomundo Island-Geomundo Lighthouse
    Wando Gugyedeung Course
    - Wando-eup-Jeongdo-ri Gugyedeung

    Mountain Not Access Period
    Seasonal Forest Fire Watches by Park
    * Refer to the website before visiting.

    Restricted Mountain Areas
    Iwol-ri Sewage Treatment Plant - Reed Field
    Jageunjjakji - Bukkuji
    Bija - Bugam
    Hoenggan - Sajabawi Rock

    [Western Dadohae]
    Hongdo 1 - Hongdo 2 (1.6km trail of Dongbaek Forest - 2nd Observatory excluded)

    Areas Open to the Public
    Hyangilam - Impo
    Deokpo - Sorido Lighthouse
    Deokchon - Geomundo Lighthouse
    Geomun-ri - English Soldiers' Grave
    Book-ri - Gyeokjabong - Yesong-ri
    Sangseo - Maebongsan Mountain
    Seodo Elementary School - Noksan Lighthouse
    Yesong - Yesong
    Book - Book
    Mira - Maengseon
    Silli - Sandongjeong
    Kkotmeorisan Mountain Entrance - Observatory
    Unmasan Mountain - Observatory
    Yongdu - Hamgumi
    Guldeung - Jikpo
    Hamgumi - Oknyeobong Peak
    Yeocheon - Samgeori (Three-way Intersection)
    Parking Lot - Bongnaesan Mountain - Parking Lot
    Goksudang - Keungiljae
    Gugyedeung - Jjakji
    Seongdu - Hasangil Three-way Intersection
    Gwondeok - Beombawi Rock
    Mulhatae - Imchon Village
    Ulmol - Seokhwapo
    Ando Beach - Iyapo
    Jangchon Village - Beach shore
    Campsite - Nampo Art Gallery
    Jeokchwibong Peak - Campsite
    Gokgang - Seongjubong Peak
    Seonggije - Myoji (graveyard)
    Recreational Forest - Heliport
    Recreational Forest - Observatory
    Recreational Forest - Duryubong Peak
    Yuyeongbong Peak - Araetgil
    Duryubong Peak - Tapjae

    [Western Dadohae]
    Jinni - Donmok
    Simok - Small Simok - Mokneom
    Heuksan-myeon Office - Eoullim - Sosa-ri
    Saemgol - Eoullim - Marije
    Gwanmae Wetland - Dongnimmun Gate Rock - Bangaseom Island
    Gwanmae Dock - Haenul Bridge
    Dorisan Mountain Well Entrance - Dorisan Mountain Observation Deck
    Hajodo Lighthouse - Singeum - Eup-gu
    Sanhaeng - Songgarakbawi Rock - Dondaebong Peak - Eup-gu
    Sangsanbong Peak -Daecho-ri
    Dangsan - Cheonbakjae - Jageunjae
    Jinnidang - Jinnidang
    Saetbae - Dondaebong Peak
    Gwanho Village - Byeorakbawi Rock

    Parking Facilities

    Parking Fees
    [Flat Rate]
    Small-sized cars - 2,000 won (same for off- and on-seaons)
    Mid-sized cars - Off-season 4,000 won / On-season 5,000 won
    Large-sized cars - Off-season 6,000 won / On-season 7,500 won
    * Small-sized cars (under 1000cc)
    * Mid-sized cars (sedans under 1000cc, vans less than 25-seats, truck under 4 ton)
    * Large-sized cars (vans/bus with 25 or more seats, 4 ton truck or above)

    Admission Fees


    Available Facilities
    Campsites, Information Centers, Ranger Stations

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