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Chungjuho Lake (충주호)

  • Chungjuho Lake (충주호)
  • Chungjuho Lake (충주호)
  • Chungjuho Lake (충주호)
  • Chungjuho Lake (충주호)
  • Chungjuho Lake (충주호)
  • Chungjuho Lake (충주호)
  • Chungjuho Lake (충주호)
  • Chungjuho Lake (충주호)
  • Chungjuho Lake (충주호)
Jecheon-si, Danyang-gun & Dongnyang-myeon, Chungju-si, Chungcheongbuk-do
충청북도 충주시 동량면 , 제천시, 단양군 일원
Lakes/ Rivers/ Caves
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  • Information
    Chungjuho Lake is the nation’s largest lake, and was formed after the construction of Chungju Dam. When constructing the dam, an approximately 66.48㎢-area was submerged throughout three region in Chungju, Danyang and Jecheon. Even though nearly 50,000 people lost their hometown, the lake became a famous tourist spot of the region, along with Woraksan National Park, Songgye Valley, Cheongpung Culture Center, Eight Sceneries of Danyang, Gosu Cave, Guinsa Temple, Suanbo Hot Springs, Nodong Cave and other spots.

    Tourists can enjoy the scenic area on five ferry docks from Chungjunaru, main ferry dock of Chungju Dam, Cheongpungnaru, Janghoenaru where Gudambong Peak and Oksunbong Peak are located, Danyangnaru in Danyang-eup, and Woraknaru located near the beautiful scenery of Woraksan Mountain. From Chungju Dam to Janghoenaru, it takes approximately 1 hour 30 minutes, making it a long-distance course and offers special sightseeing on board. This course also holds great views of Chungjuho Lake and Yeongbong Peak of Woraksan Mountain, the surrounding scenery of Woraknaru, and two scenic spots of Danyang which are Gudanbong and Oksunbong Peak featuring uniquely-shaped rocks and peaks. This course is the most attractive among Chungjuho ferry excursion routes.


    Tour Course Information
    Ferries operate in five areas of Chungjuho Lake. Most popular ferry routes are Chungjunaru that departs from Chungju Dam and Janghwenary that is near Eight sceneries of Danyang. Cheongpungnaru is also a popular course as it is situated near KBS and SBS studio as well as Cheongpung Land.

    Ferry Information


    Travel time

    Ferry fare

    Chungjunaru-> Janghwenaru

    High Speed Ferry: 1hr 20min
    Big Ferry: 2hrs 10min

    Adults: 17,000 won
    Children: 8,500 won

    Chungjunaru <-> Janghwenaru (round-trip, 76km)

    High Speed Ferry: 2hr 40min
    Big Ferry: 4hrs 20min

    Adults: 25,000 won
    Children: 17,000 won

    Chungjunaru-> Cheongpungnaru (25km)

    High Speed Ferry: 50min
    Big Ferry: 1hr 10min

    Adults: 12,000 won
    Children: 6,000 won

    Chungjunaru-> Sindanyangnaru (53km)

    High Speed Ferry: 1hr 50min
    Big Ferry: 2hrs 50min

    Adults: 20,000 won
    Children: 10,000 won

    Cruise Ship Information


    Travel time


    Chungjunaru <-> Weolaknaru

    1 hour

    Adults: 12,000 won
    Children: 8,000 won

    * Children: ages 3-13
    * Operating hours: Summer season: 09:00-16:30 / Winter season: 10:00-15:00
    * Please inquire in advance as operating hours may vary. +82-43-851-5771 (Korean)

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