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Gyeongpoho Lake (경포호(철새도래지))

  • Gyeongpoho Lake (경포호(철새도래지))
  • Gyeongpoho Lake (경포호(철새도래지))
  • Gyeongpoho Lake (경포호(철새도래지))
  • Gyeongpoho Lake (경포호(철새도래지))
  • Gyeongpoho Lake (경포호(철새도래지))
  • Gyeongpoho Lake (경포호(철새도래지))
  • Gyeongpoho Lake (경포호(철새도래지))
  • Gyeongpoho Lake (경포호(철새도래지))
Jeo-dong, Unjeong-dong, Chodang-dong, Gangmun-dong, Gangneung-si, Gangwon-do
강원 강릉시 저동 운정동, 초당동, 강문동(경포대 앞)
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    Gyeongpoho Lake, which means “clear as a mirror”, is located 6km northeast of Gangneung, and is also called Gunjaho Lake. Gyeongpoho Lake was formed when the mouth of a bay was closed by sand and pebbles brought in by the sea currents. It is famous as a destination site for migratory birds. It used to be a large lake with a circumference of 12km, but it diminished because of the accumulation of dirt and sand.

    Gyeongpoho Lake is the setting of the tale of Hwarang and cultural relics from the prehistoric age, and on the Rock Island in the middle of the lake, there is a small pavilion which holds a hanging board called Joam, believed to be written by Song Si-Yeol. There is also a legend that rises from Gyeongpoho Lake: With the moon shining in the sky, it is reflected on the ocean, on the lake, in a glass of wine, and of course, two moons shining brightly in the eyes of someone falling in love.

    Gyeongpoho Lake was famous as a fishing site as it is clean and clear but due to pollution it was designated as a nature protection site and fishing has been banned.

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