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Namiseom Island (남이섬)

  • Namiseom Island (남이섬)
  • Namiseom Island (남이섬)
  • Namiseom Island (남이섬)
  • Namiseom Island (남이섬)
  • Namiseom Island (남이섬)
  • Namiseom Island (남이섬)
  • Namiseom Island (남이섬)
  • Namiseom Island (남이섬)
1, Namiseom-gil, Chuncheon-si, Gangwon-do
강원도 춘천시 남산면 남이섬길 1
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  • Information
    Namiseom Island was formed as a result of the construction of Cheongpyeong Dam. It is a half moon-shaped isle, and on it is the grave of General Nami, who led a great victory against the rebels in the 13th year of the 7th king of the Joseon dynasty, King Sejo (r. 1455-1468).

    Namiseom Island is 63 kilometers away from Seoul in the direction of Chuncheon, and is famous for its beautiful tree lined roads. The island is 30 minutes away from Chuncheon and an hour away from the suburbs of Seoul. Since it is not far from Seoul, many couples and families come to visit.

    A special feature of Namiseom Island is that there are no telephone poles. This is because all electric wires were built underground to keep the natural feeling of the landscape. The island is 553,560 square yards with chestnut trees and poplar trees throughout.

    In the middle of the isle, there is a grass field about 316,320 square yards. It features education and training facilities and camping sites. The island also has a swimming pool and water sports facilities for motorboats and water-skiing, as well as a theme park with a merry-go-round, shooting range, and roller skating rink. Lodging facilities such as resort villas and bungalows are available for visitors to stay on the island.

    Current Status
    UNICEF Child Friendly Park

    Opening date

    Approx. 3-4 hours

    Film Locations
    Drama "Winter Sonata (2003)"
    Film "Wanderer in Winter (1986)"

    Shopping Information
    Craftshops, design shops, gift shops

    Activity Information
    Namisum Ferry Safety Education
    Pottery/Glass-blowing/Crafting Experience
    Coloring Book Playground Experience Program
    Donation Forest Treego

    Age Limit for Activities
    Open to visitors of all ages

    Activity Dates
    Recommended period to visit: May, July-August, October

    Operating Hours
    [Ferry Schedule]
    07:30-09:00 (30 minute intervals)
    09:00-18:00 (10-20 minute intervals)
    18:00-21:40 (30 minute intervals)

    Maximum Occupancy
    20,000-30,000 people

    Parking Facilities
    Namiseom Dock Parking Lot (650 spaces)

    Admission Fees
    [Naminara Visa (Entrance Fee + Ferry Fare]
    General Rate: 13,000 won
    Discounted Rate: 10,000 won
    Special Rate: 7,000 won

    * Refer to the website for discount details
    * 10% discount available for groups of 20 people or more
    * Free admission: A guide of a travel agency with group visitors / Babies (under 36 months) when accompanied by parents

    [One year-term Passport]
    Fare: 45,000 won

    [Integrated Passport including Naminara Republic and Tamnara Republic]
    Fare: 50,000 won

    Available Facilities
    [Exhibition Halls]
    Pyeonghwarang, Culture Center, UNICEF Hall, Ryu Hongjuin World Folk Instrument Exhibition Hall, Yu Qing Chung Sculpture Park Happy Garden, Drama Gallery, Idle Land, Hoban Gallery, Song Island Gallery, Andersen Picture Book Center

    [Performance Halls]
    UNICEF Eco Stage, O Stage, Outdoor swimming pool (Water Garden), Magic Hall, Belgrade Stage, Under Stage, Free Stage

    [Small Theme Gardens]
    Hampyeong Butterfly Garden, Nami Dodamsambong, Cheollipo Magnolia Garden, Dongducheon Soyosan Maple Garden, Langami Garden, Gangneung Gyeongpojeong, Sujaewon Garden, Changpyeongwon Garden, Cheongyeongwon Garden, Changgyeongwon Garden, Sequoia Family Garden, Nami Pungwon Garden, Baekpungmilwon Garden, Birch Forest, etc.

    [Culture Experiences]
    Handicraft Studio, Nami Eco-school, Nami Island Glass Workshop, Picture Book Playground

    [Seminar Rooms]
    Myeonggang Hall, Imaginary Star Paradise, Gongsimwon

    Asian Family Restaurant Dongmun, Korean Restaurant Nammun, Gomok, Seomhyanggi, Yeonga Lunch Box, Nami Island Book Cafe, Swing Cafe, Snow Cafe, Sonata cafe, Coffee Shop Islana

    Accommodations, bike center, zipline, water leisure sports, Muslim prayer room, nursing room, ATM, money exchange

    Facility Utilization Fees
    Fare: 44,000 won
    Operating hours: April - October 09:00-19:00 / November - March 09:00-18:00
    * Operation may be discontinued in the case of snow, rain, or strong winds
    * Inquires: +82-31-582-8091

    [UNICEF Train]
    One-way: 3,000 won (Boarding platform: Seonchakjang Station / Jungang Station)

    One-person: 4,000 won (30 min) / 8,000 won (1 hr) / 2,000 won for each additional 15 min
    Tandem: 8,000 won (30 min) / 16,000 won (1 hr) / 4,000 won for each additional 15 min
    Quadruplet: 15,000 won (30 min) / 5,000 won for each additional 15 min

    [Electronic bicycle]
    Single: 12,000 won (30 min) / 24,000 won (1 hr) / 6,000 won for each additional 15 min
    Baby: 18,000 won (30 min) / 36,000 won (1 hr) / 9,000 won for each additional 15 min

    [Sky bike]
    3,000 won
    * Boarding site: Bike Center (Inquiry: +82-31-582-0144)

    [Story Tour Bus]
    7,000 won (20 min)
    * Boarding site: Across from Naminaru Tourism Organization

    [Motor boat tour]
    40,000 won (5 seats per boat)
    * Inquiry: +82-31-581-9991


    Parking Fees
    4,000 won

    Interpretation Services Offered
    Naminara Story Tour
    Schedule: Daily at 11:00
    Tour length: Approx. 30~60min
    Participant limit: 20 people (Advanced reservation required)
    Language: English, Japanese, Chinese

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