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Baekdam Valley (백담계곡)

  • Baekdam Valley (백담계곡)
  • Baekdam Valley (백담계곡)
  • Baekdam Valley (백담계곡)
  • Baekdam Valley (백담계곡)
  • Baekdam Valley (백담계곡)
  • Baekdam Valley (백담계곡)
  • Baekdam Valley (백담계곡)
  • Baekdam Valley (백담계곡)
  • Baekdam Valley (백담계곡)
  • Baekdam Valley (백담계곡)
  • Baekdam Valley (백담계곡)
  • Baekdam Valley (백담계곡)
  • Baekdam Valley (백담계곡)

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Yongdae 2-ri, Buk-myeon, Inje-gun, Gangwon-do
강원도 인제군 북면 용대2리
Waterfalls/ Valleys/ Mineral Springs
• 1330 Travel Hotline: +82-2-1330
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• For more info: Seorak Mountain National Park Office +82-33-636-7700 / Baekdam Annex +82-33-462-2554
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  • Information
    Baekdam Valley is the representative valley of the Naeseorak area, and the river is a typical S-shaped stream formed by the winding geography from the Naegapyeong Village to the front of Baekdam Villa. The valley is named Baekdam after the claim that there are 100 naturally formed puddles in the valley. The stream that runs into Baekdam Valley comes from Suryeomdong Valley, which in turn starts from the joining of Gayadong Valley and the Baewundong Valley.
    Baekdam Valley is surrounded by many clean valleys, where natural monuments such as Manchurian Trout and Korean Salmon live, and also by various Buddhist temples such as Yeongsiamsa, Oseamsa, and Bongjeongamsa. It is a 2 hour walk (8 km) from the ticket booth to Baekdamsa Temple on the valley path. You can also take a shuttle bus to the upper course of the valley. After getting off the bus, walk 3 km to Baekdamsa Temple and another 300m more will lead you to Baekdam Mountain Villa. Walking up to the right side of Geumgyo, which is the first bridge on the path, you will see Dutaeso on the left side below. Then after crossing the third bridge, Gang-gyo, you will see Eunseondo, where swirling water streams of mountain ranges create an image of an island. From the forth road called Won-gyo, all the paths are sand paths. Cheongryongdam is located 300 m from Won-gyo, and Sushim-gyo leads to Baekdamsa Temple. Baedamsa Temple, located at the center of Baekdam Valley, is known as a temple where Han Yong-Un (1879-1944), a famous monk and a poet, stayed during his lifetime.

    +82-33-636-7700, +82-33-462-2554

    Parking Facilities
    Available (Seorak-dong C1, Seorak-dong C2, Seorak-dong B1, Seorak-dong B2, Seorak-dong A)

    Admission Fees
    - Adults (Age 19 and over): 3,200 won
    - Teenagers (Ages 13~18): 1,200 won
    - Children (Ages 7-12): 600 won
    * Group of 30 or more people: 3,000 / 1,000 / 500 won respectively.


    Parking Fees
    Compact vehicles 2,000 won
    Small to mid-sized cars 4,000-5,000 won
    Large sized cars 6,000-7,500 won
    ※ Regular shuttle buses can park for free. (Monthly regular parking will be charged with fees.)

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