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Jirisan National Park (Sancheong) (지리산국립공원(산청))

  • Jirisan National Park (Sancheong) (지리산국립공원(산청))
  • Jirisan National Park (Sancheong) (지리산국립공원(산청))
  • Jirisan National Park (Sancheong) (지리산국립공원(산청))
  • Jirisan National Park (Sancheong) (지리산국립공원(산청))

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Sicheon-myeon & Samjang-myeon, Sancheong-gun, Gyeongsangnam-do
경남 산청군 시천면 , 삼장면
National & Provincial & County Parks
• 1330 Travel Hotline: +82-2-1330
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• For more info: +82-55-972-7771~2,
+82-61-780-7700, +82-63-630-8900
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  • Information
    Boasting breathtaking views, Jirisan National Park was the first park in Korea to officially be designated a national park in 1967. Its glorious mountain range extends across three provinces and five cities. The magnificent mountains and exceptional scenery make this one of the most famous mountains in Korea. Roughly 1,915 meters above sea level, Cheonwangbong Peak, considered to be the pillar of heaven, is the main peak. Jirisan also features Banyabong and Nogodan, and is home to over 10 famous temples. There are over twenty summits and valleys such as Baemsagol Valley, which are part of "Jirisan Ten Sceneries." As this is the location of the most well-preserved virgin forests in Korea , the majestic and mystical mountain is highly revered. There are many species of animal and plant life, and as the first place to cultivate tea in Korea, herbal medicine cultivation still flourishes here.

    Jirisan Mountain was also where the Buddhist culture prospered, and there are many cultural assets here, such as Baekjangam Three-Story Stone Pagoda (National Treasure No.10), the Silsangsa Three-Story Stone Pagoda (Treasure No. 37) and more. These regional cultural assets and the superb sceneries of nature give you a unique taste of local history and culture. The weather is temperamental and only 80~100 days out of the year are clear and sunny, but the mist and fog create rare, unparalleled scenes not found anywhere else.

    Jirisan National Park Admin Office +82-55-972-7771~2
    Jirisan National Park Nambu (southern) Admin Office +82-61-780-7700
    Jirisan National Park Bukbu (northern) Admin Office +82-63-630-8900


    N/A (Open all year round)

    Mountain Not Access Period
    Spring fire watch period (subject to change by year): Feb 16-Apr 30 / Nov 5-Dec 15.
    * Find more details at the official website.

    Natural Preservation Areas (closed to public)
    Special preservation areas of National Park
    * Seseokpyeongjeon (Hiking paths will remain open): until 2026
    * Jangteomok Restoration Area (hiking path excluded): until 2011
    * Jeseokbong Peak Korean Fir Forest Restoration Area (hiking path excluded): until 2026
    * Wangdeungjae alpine wetland: until 2026
    * Chilbulsa Temple-Tokkibong Peak: until 2027
    * Samdobong Peak ~ Ssukbatjae ~ Chibanmok (hiking path excluded): until 2026

    Hiking Course
    * Guyrong Valley Course (구룡계곡코스) (2 hr / 3.1 km)
    Guryongsamgok (Guryong Visitor Information Center) (구룡삼곡(구룡탐방지원센터)) ~ Yuseondae (유선대) ~ Bipokdong (비폭동) ~ Guryong Falls (구룡폭포)
    * Jongju Course 종주코스 (14 hr 30 min / 25.5km)
    Nogodan (노고단) ~ Byeoksoryeong Shelter (벽소령대피소) ~ Seseok Shelter (세석대피소) ~ Jangteomok Shelter (장터목대피소) ~ Cheonwangbong Peak (천왕봉)
    * Samsinbong Peak Course (삼신봉코스) (5 hr / 8.3km)
    Cheonghakdong Visitor Information Center (청학동탐방지원센터) ~ Samsinbong Peak (삼신봉) ~ Sangbuljae Pass (상불재) ~ Samseonggung (삼성궁)
    * Baemsagol Valley Course (뱀사골계곡코스) (4 hr 20 min / 9.2km)
    Banseon (반선) ~ Baemsagol Visitor Information Center (뱀사골탐방안내소) ~ Yoryongdae (요룡대) ~ Byeongso (병소) ~ Ganjangso (간장소) ~ Baemsagol Visitor Information Center (뱀사골탐방지원센터) ~ Hwagaejae Pass (화개재)
    * Baraebong Course (바래봉코스) (6 hr 10 min / 12.8km)
    Jeongnyeongchi (정령치) ~ Segeolsan (세걸산) ~ Sedongchi (세동치) ~ Buunchi (부운치) ~ Pallangchi (팔랑치) ~ Baraebong Samgeori (three-way intersection) (바래봉삼거리) ~ Unbong (Yongsan-ri) (운봉아래(용산리))
    * Manbokdae Course (3 hr / 5.4km)
    Seongsamjae course entrance (성삼재 탐방로 입구) ~ Dangchigogae (당치고개) ~ Goribong Peak (고리봉) ~ Myobongchi (묘봉치) ~ Manbokdae Peak (만복대정상)
    * Hwaeom Valley Course (4 hr / 7km)
    Hwaeomsa Temple (화엄사) ~ Yeongiam Temple (연기암) ~ Jungjae Pass (중재) ~ Munenggi (무넹기)
    * Piagol Course (5 hr / 8.8km)
    Yeongok Visitor Information Center (연곡탐방지원센터) ~ Jikjeon Village (직전마을) ~ Pyogomakteo (표고막터) ~ Piagol Shelter (피아골 대피소) ~ Piagol Samgeori (three-way intersection) (피아골 삼거리)
    * Banyabong Course (반야봉코스) (3 hr 30 min / 5.5km)
    Nogodangogae (노고단고개) ~ Imgeollyeong (임걸령) ~ Norumok (노루목) ~ Banyabong Peak (반야봉)
    * Buril Fall Course (1 hr 30 min / 2.4km)
    Ssanggyesa Visitor Information Center (쌍계사탐방지원센터) ~ Buril Falls (불일폭포) ~ Ssanggyesa Visitor Information Center (쌍계사탐방지원센터)
    * Jungsanri (Jangteomok) Course (중산리(장터목)코스) (9 hr / 12.4km)
    Jungsanri Visitor Information Center (중산리탐방안내소) ~ Jangteomok Shelter (장터목대피소) ~Cheonwangbong Peak (천왕봉) ~ Rotary Shelter (로타리대피소) ~ Jungsanri (중산리)
    * Jungsanri (Kalbawi) Course (중산리(칼바위)코스) (8 hr / 10.8km)
    Jungsanri Visitor Information Center (중산리탐방안내소) ~ Kalbawi (칼바위) ~ Rotary Shelter (로타리대피소) ~ Cheonwangbong Peak (천왕봉) ~ Rotary Shelter (로타리대피소) ~ Jungsanri Visitor Information Center (중산리탐방안내소)
    * Baengmudong (백무동) ~ Jungsanri Course (중산리코스) (9 hr / 12.9km)
    Baengmudong Visitor Information Center (백무동탐방지원센터) ~ Jangteomok Shelter (장터목대피소) ~ Cheonwangbong Peak (천왕봉) ~ Rotary Shelter (로타리대피소) ~ Jungsanri Visitor Information Center (중산리탐방안내소)
    * Baengmudong Course (백무동코스) (1 hr / 15km)
    Baengmudong Visitor Information Center (백무동탐방지원세터) ~ Jangteomok Shelter (장터목대피소) ~ Cheonwangbong Peak (천왕봉) ~ Jangteomok Shelter (장터목대피소) ~ Baengmudong Visitor Information Center (백무동탐방지원센터)
    * Georim Course (거림코스) (11 hr / 16.5km)
    Georim Park Ranger Office (거림공원지킴터) ~ Seseok Shelter (세석대피소) ~ Jangteomok Shelter (장터목대피소) ~ Cheonwangbong Peak (천왕봉) ~ Rotary Shelter (로타리대피소) ~ Jungsanri Visitor Information Center (중산리 탐방안내소)
    * Yupyeong (Daewonsa) Course (유평(대원사)코스) (12 hr / 19.1km)
    Yupyeong Visitor Information Center (유평탐방지원센터) ~ Yupyeong Youth Training Center (Bambatgol) (유평청소년수련원(밤밭골)) ~ Chibatmok Shelter (치밭목대피소) ~ Cheonwangbong Peak (천왕봉) ~ Rotary Shelter (로타리대피소) ~ Jungsanri Visitor Information Center (중산리 탐방안내소)
    * Nogodan Course (노고단코스) (1 hr / 4.7km)
    Seongsamjae Parking Lot (성삼재주차장) ~ Munenggi (무넹기) ~ Nogodan Shelter (노고단대피소) ~ Nogodangogae (노고단고개)
    * Cheongeunsa (천은사) ~ Seongsamjae Course (성삼재 코스) (3 hr / 10km)
    Cheoneun Ticketing Booth (천은매표소) ~ Cheoneunsa Temple (천은사) ~ Siamjae Resting Area (시암재휴게소) ~ Seongsamjae Pass (성삼재)

    Areas Open to the Public
    [Jirisan Mountain +82-55-972-7771/2]
    Jangteomok (장터목) ~ Cheonwangbong (천왕봉)
    Kalbawi (칼바위) ~ Jangteomok (장터목)
    Jungsanri (중산리) ~ Cheonwangbong (천왕봉)
    Beopgyegyo (법계교) ~ Sunduryu (순두류) ~ Beopgyesa (법계사)
    Baengmudong (백무동) ~ Jangteomok (장터목)
    Baengmudong (백무동) ~ Ganaeso (가내소)
    Ssanggyesa (쌍계사) ~ Buril Falls (불일폭포)
    Uisin (의신) ~ Samjeong (삼정)
    Yupyeong (유평) ~ Samgeori (three-way intersection) (삼거리) ~ Chibatmok (치밭목)
    Saejae (새재) ~ Samgeori (three-way intersection) (삼거리)
    Daewongyo Bridge (대원교) ~ Sutgamateo (숯가마터)
    Jungsanri Nature Exploration Path (중산리자연관찰로)
    Chuseongdong (추성동) ~ Dujidong (두지동)
    Sinheung (신흥) ~ Uisin yetgil (의신옛길)

    [North part of Jirisan Mountain +82-63-625-8911]
    Banseon (반선) ~ Yoryongdae (요룡대)
    Jeongyeongchi (정령치) ~ Pallangchi (팔랑치) ~ Baraebong (바래봉) ~ Unbong (운봉)
    Guryongsamgok (구룡삼곡) ~ Guryong Falls (구룡폭포)
    Gogi-ri (고기리) ~ Goribong Peak (고리봉)
    Student Education Center (Haksaeng gyoyugwon; 학생교육원) ~ Sedongchi (세동치)
    Buun Village (부운마을) ~ Buunchi (부운치)
    Pallang Village (팔랑마을) ~ Pallangchi (팔랑치)
    Sandeokimdo (산덕임도) ~ Buunchi (부운치)
    Baraebong Samgeori (three-way intersection) (바래봉 삼거리) ~ Baraebong Peak (바래봉)
    Waungyo (와운교) ~ Yoryongdae (요룡대)
    Baemsagol Camping Site (뱀사골 야영장) ~ Waungil (와운길)
    Jeongyeongchi (정령치) ~ Jeongyeongchi wetland (정령치 습지)
    Yukmojeong (육모정) ~ Yaksuteo (약수터) ~ Yukmojeong (육모정)
    Guryongimdo (구룡임도) ~ Guryongchi (구룡치)

    [South part of Jirisan Mountain +82-61-780-7700]
    Hwaeomsa (화엄사) ~ Munenggi (무넹기)
    Seongsamjae (성삼재) ~ Nogodan Peak (노고단정상)
    Hwaeomsa (화엄사) ~ Yeongiam (연기암)
    Cheoneunsa Entrance (천은사입구) ~ Chanamubat (차나무밭)
    Cheoneunje Entrance (천은제입구) ~ Jebang (제방)
    Munenggibo (무넹기보) ~ Nogodangogae (노고단고개)
    Jikjeon Village (직전마을) ~ Piagol Shelter (피아골대피소)

    Night-time Hike Restriction Notice
    Hiking at night is prohibited (from sunset to 2 hours before sunrise).

    Restricted Mountain Areas
    Seseok, Byeoksoryeong, Yeonhacheon Shelter (not allowed to use)

    Parking Facilities
    Available (Daewonsa Temple / Jungsan-ri parking lot)

    Parking Fees
    Small-sized 2,000 won
    Mid-sized 4,000~5,000 won
    Large-sized 6,000~7,500 won
    * Regular shuttle bus can park free of charge. (except for vehicles with monthly parking submission)

    Admission Fees
    [Camping site]
    Adults 1,600-2,000 won / Teens 1,200-1,500 won / Children 800-1,000 won
    * Separate parking fee applies (the fee is set price per day)
    * Separate fee for electricity use: per day, 3,000 won for low season and 4,000 won for peak season.

    [Shelter facility]
    Modern style 7,000-8,000 won / traditional style 5,000 won
    * Traditional style: except ‘Chibanmok and Piagol’, others are rebuilt to modern form.

    Baby Stroller Rentals
    Not available

    Not permitted

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