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Oryukdo Island (부산 오륙도)

  • Oryukdo Island (부산 오륙도)
  • Oryukdo Island (부산 오륙도)
  • Oryukdo Island (부산 오륙도)
  • Oryukdo Island (부산 오륙도)
  • Oryukdo Island (부산 오륙도)
  • Oryukdo Island (부산 오륙도)
  • Oryukdo Island (부산 오륙도)
  • Oryukdo Island (부산 오륙도)

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936~941, Yongho-dong, Nam-gu, Busan
부산 남구 용호동 936번지(방패섬)~941(등대섬)
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  • Information
    Oryukdo Island is off the southern coast of Busan, and depending on the day and the tide, may appear to be five islands or six islands, hence its name ('o' meaning five and 'yuk' meaning six in Korean). Designated a monument of Busan, Oryukdo Island is a rock island that can be said to be made purely of stones. All of the five islands, except the one with the lighthouse, are uninhabited.

    Orukdo Island is composed of Usakdo Island, Surido Island, Gonggotdo Island, Guldo Island and Deungdaedo (Lighthouse) Island, but because the upper part of Usakdo divides into two segments, the island is sometimes known as Bangpaedo Island and Sol Island as well, depending on the level of the water. Because many ships coming to Busan Port pass by Oryukdo Island, it serves as a symbol of Busan's cultural heritage as well.

    Current Status
    National Cultural Heritage Scenic Spots No.24

    N/A (Open all year round)

    Tour Course Information
    Route: Haeundae Mipo Dock → Dongbaekdo Island → Yacht Race Reserve → Yongho-dong Cliff → Oryukdo Island (1 hour and 10 min ride)
    Schedule: 50-60 min interval (weekdays) / 30-40 min interval (weekends)
    * May change according to the sunrise and sunset.
    Fee: Round trip
    - age 13 or over: 9,900 won / nighttime: 7,000 won
    - age 5-12: 6,600 won / nighttime: 4,500 won

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