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Uisangdae Pavilion (낙산사 의상대)

  • Uisangdae Pavilion (낙산사 의상대)
  • Uisangdae Pavilion (낙산사 의상대)
  • Uisangdae Pavilion (낙산사 의상대)
  • Uisangdae Pavilion (낙산사 의상대)
  • Uisangdae Pavilion (낙산사 의상대)
  • Uisangdae Pavilion (낙산사 의상대)
  • Uisangdae Pavilion (낙산사 의상대)
  • Uisangdae Pavilion (낙산사 의상대)
  • Uisangdae Pavilion (낙산사 의상대)
  • Uisangdae Pavilion (낙산사 의상대)
100, Naksansa-ro, Ganghyeon-myeon, Yangyang-gun, Gangwon-do
강원도 양양군 강현면 낙산사로 100
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  • Information
    Uisangdae (의상대) is located on a seaside hill, on the way to Hongnyeonam Hermitage’s Gwaneumgul Cave from Naksansa Temple. It is a small temple, believed to have been built by Great Monk Uisang (625-702) during King Munmu’s reign (661-681) during Silla Period, on the spot where Uisang used to meditate while building Naksansa Temple. The current pavilion was built in 1925.

    Hongnyeonam Hermitage is a place you shouldn’t miss when you visit the octagonal Uisangdae. Believed to be built 5 years after Naksansa Temple, it is also where Great Monk Uisang used to meditate. It was named Hongnyeonam ('Hong' meaning 'red' and 'Ryeon' meaning 'lotus flower') because there is a legend that a red lotus flower bloomed in the sea during Great Monk Uisang’s seven days of prayer. It is built against the cliff beside a rocky cave, making it part of a great scenery, and the sunrise from Uisangdae is absolutely spectacular.

    Songgang Jeongcheol, who was a poet from the mid Joseon Period (1392-1910) expressed his feeling on the spectacle of sunrise from Uisangdae like this: “After the pear-tree flowers have fallen and when the cuckoo cries sadly, beyond the hill east of Naksan Mountain at Uisangdae, I get up in the middle of night to see the sun rise. The auspicious clouds look like they are blooming, and the sun look as if it is being held up by six dragons. As the sun rises majestically from the sea to the sky, the whole world shakes and the sun rises swiftly, shining more brightly than a thousand candles.” That is how much wonder the view of sunrise from Uisangdae has created from long ago.


    Current Status
    Gangwon-do Tangible Cultural Asset No. 48 (as of September 9, 1974)

    N/A (Open all year round)

    Activity Information
    Temple Stay (2-Day program)
    Participation fees: 40,000 won
    Inquiries: +82-33-672-2417 / Online Reservation (Korean)

    Operating Hours
    Summer season 09:00-18:00
    Winter season 09:00-17:00

    Parking Facilities

    Admission Fees
    Adults: 3,000 won / Group: 2,500 won
    Youths: 1,500 won / Group: 1,000 won
    Children: 1,000 won / Group: 700 won

    Parking Fees
    Small vehicles 3,000 won / Large vehicles 6,000 won

    Not permitted

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