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Cheonbuldonggyegok Valley (천불동계곡)

  • Cheonbuldonggyegok Valley (천불동계곡)
  • Cheonbuldonggyegok Valley (천불동계곡)
  • Cheonbuldonggyegok Valley (천불동계곡)
  • Cheonbuldonggyegok Valley (천불동계곡)
  • Cheonbuldonggyegok Valley (천불동계곡)
1091, Seoraksan-ro, Sokcho-si, Gangwon-do
강원도 속초시 설악산로 1091 (설악동)
Waterfalls/ Valleys/ Mineral Springs
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    Cheonbuldonggyegok Valley is the main Valley of Seorak Mountain and is also called Seorak Valley. It was named Cheonbuldong because the many peaks on either side look like a lineup of a thousand Buddhist statues. It is also called Cheonbuldong because the peaks look like Buddhist saints offering food sacrifices to Buddha. If you follow the waterway of Waseondae for about 300m, you’ll arrive at Biseondae. Travel 12 km further from here and you will arrive at Daecheongbong. There’s also Biseondae Munjudam, Ihodam, and the steep Guimyeonam. On the opposite side, an hour’s walk past Chilseongbong, attached to Hwachaebong, is Chilseonggol’s forked road from which you can reach Oryeonpokpo Falls, Yangpok, Cheondangpokpo Falls and other valleys with exceptionally beautiful sceneries. The path used to be rough and difficult, but because of new facilities and a mountain villa, visitors can easily climb up to see the scenery of Cheonbuldong. Many people who go hiking at Seorak Mountain seek this place out because of the convenient transportation provided by Seorak-dong’s Sogongwon, which becomes the starting point for many mountain hikers, and there is an endless line of hikers and tourists who come to visit during mid October when the autumnal leaves start turning color.

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