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Cypress Forest Woodland (편백숲 우드랜드)

  • Cypress Forest Woodland (편백숲 우드랜드)
  • Cypress Forest Woodland (편백숲 우드랜드)
180, Woodland-ro, Jangheung-gun, Jeollanam-do
전라남도 장흥군 장흥읍 우드랜드길 180 (장흥읍)
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  • Information
    Jeongnamjin in Jangheung is a pristine region with beautiful mountains, beaches, and rivers. One of these attractions is the cypress forest, where a refreshing breeze blows through the green shade of these 40-year-old trees. Cypress Forest Woodland is a wood culture & experience center located on Eokbulsan Mountain, allowing visitors a view of the entire downtown area. Guests can stay in the various hanok-style pensions, enjoy the cypress and salt rooms of the jjimjilbang, and take part in various ecology education experiences at this relaxing family leisure resort.

    N/A (Open all year round)

    Hiking Course
    * Woodland - Astrology Science Hall - summit (3.8km)
    * Peace Mineral Spring - Astrology Science Hall - summit(3.0km)
    * Peace Mineral Spring - Mangwonseok Rock - Astrology Science Hall - Myeoneuribawi Rock - summit (7.6km)

    Tour Course Information
    [Wood Course 1]
    Wood craft sales - ticketing booth - Wood Culture Exhibition Hall - Suragan (lunch / general restaurant) - Healing Forest

    [Wood Course 2]
    Wood craft sales - ticketing booth - Wood Culture Exhibition Hall - Suragan (lunch / general restaurant) - Cypress Tree & Salt Bath (Sawdust sauna & salt sauna experience)

    Film Locations
    Variety program "1 Night, 2 Days" (two episodes)
    Dramas "Big Thing (2010)" & "Faith (2012)"
    Film "A Werewolf Boy (2012)"

    Shopping Information
    [General restaurant] Suragan
    [Wooden Art Exhibition & Sales] Jeongnamjin Cypress, Namuwa Na, Ongi, National Treasure Crafts, Mokun Crafts, Dongbang Wood Crafts

    Activity Information
    * Forest explanation: Free, 1hr~1hr 30min
    * Forest healing program: Free, 1hr 30 min
    * Children's forest experience: Free, less than 1hr
    * Culture explanation: Free, less than 1hr
    * Wood crafting experience: 5,000~25,000 won, 1~2hr
    * Sawdust jjimjilbang: 25,000 won, less than 15min
    Inquiries: +82-61-864-0063
    ※ Programs may vary depending on the situation; please check the website and call in advance.

    Age Limit for Activities
    Open to visitors of all ages

    Parking Facilities

    Admission Fees
    Adults (Ages 19-64) - Individual 2,000 won / Group 1,500 won
    Teenagers (Ages 13-18) - Individual 1,000 won / Group 700 won
    Children (Ages 6-12) - Individual 500 won / Group 300 won
    ※ Group: 20 people or more
    ※ Free - People with a disability, preschoolers (under age 6)

    Available Facilities
    Ecology education center (accommodations), 20 pensions (hanok, log cabin, mud house, etc.), jjimjilbang, salt therapy facility, healting forest, forest bathing area, wood craft exhibition and sales, workshops, children's playground, restrooms, drinking fountain, lecture rooms, forest walking trails, etc.

    Facility Utilization Fees
    [Cypress & Salt Sauna] +82-61-864-7388
    Adults (Ages 19-64) - Individual 10,000 won / Group 8,000 won
    Teenagers (Ages 13-18) - Individual 8,000 won / Group 7,000 won
    Children (Ages 6-12) - Individual 6,000 won / Group 5,000 won
    Seniors (Ages 65+) - Individual 5,000 won / Group 4,000 won
    ※ Group: 20 people or more

    [Healing Forest]
    Admission 3,000 won

    Parking Fees


    Reservation Info. for Natives
    Via official website
    ※ Reservations for accommodations must be done two months in advance.

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