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Hapcheon Okgyeseowon Confucian Academy (옥계서원(합천))

  • Hapcheon Okgyeseowon Confucian Academy (옥계서원(합천))
  • Address 3078-13, Seobu-ro, Hapcheon-gun, Gyeongsangnam-do
    경상남도 합천군 봉산면 서부로 3078-13 (봉산면)
  • Type Monuments/ Historical Sites
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    Hapcheon Okgyeseowon Confucian Academy was built to store Yulgok Yi I's writings, "Gyeokmongyogyeol" and "Haedongyeonwonnok." Okgyeseowon was originally founded approximately 4 kilometers away from Hyangok-dong on the third year of Yeongjo's reign (1725) before it was closed due to the seowon abolishment policy by Heungseon Daewongun. On the sixth year of King Gojong’s reign, it was re-built about 200 meters away from the east side of the village. The academy is composed of a lecture hall, Sowonsa, Naesammun, Oesammun, Gwallisa and more.

    Current Status
    Gyeongsangnam-do Cultural Property No. 60 (Designated on July 20, 1983)

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