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Gayasan Mountain (Seosan) (가야산(서산))

  • Gayasan Mountain (Seosan) (가야산(서산))
  • Gayasan Mountain (Seosan) (가야산(서산))
  • Gayasan Mountain (Seosan) (가야산(서산))
Yonghyeon-ri, Unsan-myeon, Chuncheongnam-do
충청남도 서산시 해미면 산수리
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    Gayasan Mountain has easy and enjoyable hiking trails connecting Gayabong Peak, the main peak with other 5 picks and mountains including Wonhyobong Peak (677m), Ongnyangbong Peak (621.4m), Illaksan Mountain (521.4m), Sujeongbong Peak (453m), and Sangwangsan Mountain. The trails are as easy, and suitable for all hikers including the elderly, and young hikers. A distant view of the west sea is even visible from the top f the mountain. Gayasan Mountain offers amazing scenery all year round, and most notably in the spring, when azaleas, royal azaleas, and an array of wildflowers are in full bloom.

    The mountain also contains the Seosan Rock-carved Buddha Triad (National Treasure No.84), which is considered the best rock-carved Buddha from the Baekje Period. The mountain is also home to three Buddhist temples including Bowonsaji Temple site, Gaesimsa Temple, and Illaksa Temple. With 1 national treasure, 6 treasures, and 4 cultural assets preserved on the mountain, it is safe to say that the mountain is the heart of the Naepo Culture Zone (northwestern region of the province of Chungcheongnam-do), making the entire mountain a cultural asset.

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    Mountain Not Access Period
    * Restriction period is subject to change depending on local situation. Please check this information before visiting.
    * Tel: +82-55-930-8000

    Night-time Hike Restriction Notice
    From sunset to two hours before sunrise
    * Subject to change depending on the time required to reach the peak. Please confirm before visiting.

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