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Baeksasilgyegok Valley (백사실계곡)

  • Baeksasilgyegok Valley (백사실계곡)
  • Baeksasilgyegok Valley (백사실계곡)
  • Baeksasilgyegok Valley (백사실계곡)
  • Baeksasilgyegok Valley (백사실계곡)
  • Address 115, Buam-dong, Jongno-gu, Seoul
    서울 종로구 부암동 115
  • Type Waterfalls/ Valleys/ Mineral Springs
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    Baeksasilgyegok Valley in Seoul is a well preserved cultural and natural site, being home to Baekseokdongcheon, Historic Site No. 462, as well as a habitat to diverse animals, including salamanders, frogs, minnows, and crayfish. The preservation value of this area is especially high as the valley is home to a large colony of salamanders, which are indicator species of the clean water and a protected wildlife species of Seoul.

    The valley gets its name from the site of a villa of Yi Hangbok. The path along the area’s thick forest and natural valleys provides an excellent getaway. Since the area is a habitat to several protected species, visitors are asked to refrain from dipping their feet in the valley’s waters while exploring the scenery. The entrance to the valley is located past the Sanmotungi Café.

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