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Pig Museum (돼지박물관(돼지보러오면돼지))

  • Pig Museum (돼지박물관(돼지보러오면돼지))
  • Pig Museum (돼지박물관(돼지보러오면돼지))
  • Pig Museum (돼지박물관(돼지보러오면돼지))
  • Pig Museum (돼지박물관(돼지보러오면돼지))
  • Pig Museum (돼지박물관(돼지보러오면돼지))
  • Pig Museum (돼지박물관(돼지보러오면돼지))
  • Pig Museum (돼지박물관(돼지보러오면돼지))
  • Pig Museum (돼지박물관(돼지보러오면돼지))
  • Pig Museum (돼지박물관(돼지보러오면돼지))
  • Pig Museum (돼지박물관(돼지보러오면돼지))
  • Pig Museum (돼지박물관(돼지보러오면돼지))
  • Address 129-7, Imosan-ro 372beon-gil, Icheon-si, Gyeonggi-do
    경기도 이천시 율면 임오산로372번길 129-7
  • Inquiries • 1330 Travel Hotline: +82-2-1330
    (Korean, English, Japanese, Chinese)
    • For more info: +82-31-641-7540
  • Operating Hours 09:00-18:00
  • Closed Mondays
  • Length of Tour Approx. 3 hrs.
  • Information
    Located in Icheon City, Gyeonggi-do, the Pig Museum is the first of its kind in Asia. Village chief and an expert of pig artificial insemination Lee Jong-yeong founded the museum on November 14, 2011. Some 5,000 pig-related articles from 18 different countries are on exhibit. Visitors can also enjoy pig performances and participate in hands-on experience programs such as making sausage.

    Structure Size
    Museum: 297m² / Healing garden: 4628 m² / Experience center, kitchen: 396 m² / Performance hall: 198m² / Cafe: 99m²

    Maximum Occupancy
    200 people

    Program Information
    Making sausage, eco-doll, pig-mask, planting fruit, etc.
    * Programs are subject to change depending on seasons and local conditions. Make a phone inquiry.

    Age Limit for Activities
    36 months or older

    Exhibition Hall Information
    Pig Museum, Pig Performance Hall, Experience Hall, Healing Garden, Mini Pigsty, Pig Race Track, etc.

    Subsidiary Facilities
    Cafeteria, restaurant


    Admission / Participation Fees
    Adults (ages 13 or more) 7,000 won
    Children 6,000 won
    * Free: Babies (under 24 months)

    Credit Cards Accepted

    Parking Facilities
    Available (Small vehicles: 100 cars / Large vehicles: 10 cars)

    Parking Fee
    Free of charge

    Tel: +82-31-641-7540

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