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Soyang Dam (소양댐)

  • Soyang Dam (소양댐)
  • Soyang Dam (소양댐)
  • Soyang Dam (소양댐)

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1128, Sinsaembat-ro, Chuncheon-si, Gangwon-do
강원도 춘천시 신북읍 신샘밭로 1128
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    Built in October 1973, Soyang Dam is Asia's largest and the world's fourth largest rock-fill dam. It stands 123m high and 530m long, and can generate 200,000kW-h of electricity. It serves multiple purposes including flood control, hydroelectric power generation, flood control, irrigation, and fishing. It holds 29 million ㎥ of water, which has become Soyangho Lake, Korea's largest man-made lake. Spanning a large area that borders the Gangwon-do cities and districts of Chuncheon, Hongcheon, Yanggu and Inje, the lake is often referred to as an "inland sea". Passenger ships bound for Yanggu and Inje run along the 60㎞-long water route that leads to Seoraksan Mountain.


    Tour Course Information
    Ferry Tour Courses
    * Soyangho Ferry
    Route: Soyang Dam - Soyangho Ilwon Tour - Soyang Dam
    Duration: Approx. 50min
    Fees: Adults 12,000won / Children 6,000won

    * Cheongpyeongsa Temple Ferry
    Route: Soyang Dam - Cheongpyeongsa Temple
    One way: Approx. 10 min
    Round-trip: Approx. 20min
    One way: Adults & Students 3,000won / Children 2,000won
    Round-trip: Adults & Students 6,000won / Children 4,000won

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