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Birthplace of Nongae (논개생가)

  • Birthplace of Nongae (논개생가)
  • Birthplace of Nongae (논개생가)
  • Birthplace of Nongae (논개생가)
  • Birthplace of Nongae (논개생가)
  • Birthplace of Nongae (논개생가)
  • Birthplace of Nongae (논개생가)
  • Birthplace of Nongae (논개생가)
  • Address 558, Uiam-ro, Jangsu-gun, Jeollabuk-do
    전라북도 장수군 장계면 의암로 558
  • Type Old Houses/ Birth houses/Folk Villages
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  • Information
    Nongae was born in Juchon Village in the 7th year of King Seonjo (September 3, 1575). A clever and beautiful young lady, Nongae voluntarily registered as a gisaeng (female entertainer) at the age of 19 when the nation was at risk of invasion during the Imjin War. While entertaining one evening, she led Japanese general Keyamura Rokusuke to the edge of a cliff and flung her arms around him, casting both herself and the general to their deaths in the Jinju Namgang River.

    To commemorate her faithfulness and allegiance to her country, a project to restore her place of birth was completed in September 2000, drawing many visitors. Nearby Nongae’s birthplace are many tourist attractions, including Deogyusan Mountain and Odongje Pass and a hiking trail that connects Jangansan County Park, Jijigyegok Valley, and Donghwa Dam.

    Film Locations
    Drama "My Fair Lady (2009)"

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