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Wolmyeong Park (월명공원)

  • Wolmyeong Park (월명공원)
  • Wolmyeong Park (월명공원)
  • Wolmyeong Park (월명공원)
  • Wolmyeong Park (월명공원)
  • Wolmyeong Park (월명공원)
  • Wolmyeong Park (월명공원)
  • Wolmyeong Park (월명공원)

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Sinheung-dong, Haemang-dong and Geum-dong area in Gunsan-si, Jeollabuk-do
전북 군산시 신흥동, 해망동, 금동 일원
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    Wolmyeong Park is a popular tourist destination of Gunsan City and connects five mountains in the vicinity. The total size of the park is 2.6 km² and there is a 12km-long walking trail in the park.

    From the Susi Tower, which resembles a flame and or wind-blown sail, people can see all of Gunsan City, the sea to the south of Gunsan, the mouth of Geumgang River, and the giant Janghang smelting factory.

    At the foot of Seollimsan Mountain is an old temple named Eunjeoksa, and the Jeil Reservoir is located between Jeombangsan and Seollimsan Mountain. The park also contains an observatory, a sculpture park, and various monuments.

    The park has well-arranged gardens and 30-year old rattan and cherry trees. Every April, when the park is covered in cherry blossoms and is especially beautiful, a cherry blossom photo contest is held at the park.


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