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Dolsando Island (돌산도)

  • Dolsando Island (돌산도)
  • Dolsando Island (돌산도)
  • Dolsando Island (돌산도)
  • Dolsando Island (돌산도)
  • Dolsando Island (돌산도)
  • Dolsando Island (돌산도)
  • Address Dolsan-eup, Yeosu-si, Jeollanam-do
    전라남도 여수시 돌산읍 일대
  • Type Seasides/ Beaches/ Islands
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  • Information
    Dolsando is the seventh largest island in Korea and is connected to the mainland via Dolsan Bridge. Ever since construction was completed on December 15, 1984, the 450 meter-long, 11.7 meter-wide bridge has become a popular tourist attraction.

    There is plenty to see on Dolsando Island including numerous scenic spots and historic sites such as Dolsan Park, Musulmok Battlefield, Jeollanam-do Fisheries Exhibition Hall, Bangjukpo Beach, Hyangiram Hermitage, and Eunjeogam Hermitage. Located beneath Dolsan Bridge is a life-sized model of a Geobukseon (Turtle Ship), which played an important role in the Korean Navy’s victories during the Imjinwaeran War (1592-1598). Visitors will also find plenty of seafood restaurants lining the paved coastal road.

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