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Heungryunsa Temple (Suncheon) (흥륜사 (순천))

  • Heungryunsa Temple (Suncheon) (흥륜사 (순천))
  • Heungryunsa Temple (Suncheon) (흥륜사 (순천))
  • Heungryunsa Temple (Suncheon) (흥륜사 (순천))
  • Heungryunsa Temple (Suncheon) (흥륜사 (순천))
  • Heungryunsa Temple (Suncheon) (흥륜사 (순천))
102, Jangdae-gil, Suncheon-si, Jeollanam-do
전라남도 순천시 장대길 102 (조곡동)
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  • Information
    Heungryunsa Temple is a Buddhist center of the Jogyejong Order. Located in Jukdobong Park (downtown Suncheon), Heungryunsa Temple is a shrine of the god Sakyamuni (the main statue of Buddha). The site was previously used as an archery range.

    * History

    Heungryunsa Temple is a branch of Hwaeonsa Temple, which is the 19th local temple of the Jogyejong Order. It is said that Heungryunsa Temple was constructed during the reign of King Seonjo of the Joseon Dynasty and that the site was used as a place where naval forces practiced archery during the Japanese invasion in 1592. At the same time, the temple was the first military base of monk-turned-military officers from Hwaeomsa, Songgwangsa, and Seonamsa Temples.

    The current building was re-constructed in 1986 by Monk Jongwon, who is still the chief abbot of the temple.


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