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Deoksan Hot Spa District (덕산온천지구)

  • Deoksan Hot Spa District (덕산온천지구)
  • Deoksan Hot Spa District (덕산온천지구)
  • Deoksan Hot Spa District (덕산온천지구)
  • Deoksan Hot Spa District (덕산온천지구)
  • Address Deoksan-myeon, Yesan-gun, Chungcheongnam-do
    충청남도 예산군 덕산면
  • Type Hot Springs/ Bath Houses/Spas/ Jjimjilbangs
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    Deoksan Hot Spa is conveniently in Sadong-ri, Deoksan-myeon, Yesan-gun, Chungcheongnam-do, only one and a half hours away from Seoul. The spa resort’s hot springs have been known for their efficacy ever since the Joseon dynasty (1932-1910) and the 45℃ germanium water is widely known for its health benefits. The region has been home to major spa resorts since 1917.

    Nearby tourist attractions include Chunguisa Temple, which enshrines the spirit of Patriot Yun Bong-Gil, and Sudeoksa Temple, a training site for Buddhist nuns. Within the spa district are 9 major spa facilities, approximately 50 hotels, and numerous restaurants.

    Parking Facilities

    Available Facilities
    * Sesim Hotspring Hotel, New Gaya Tourist Hotel, Deoksan Hotspring Tourist Hotel, Etc.


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