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Daegu Duryu Park (대구두류공원)

  • Daegu Duryu Park (대구두류공원)
  • Daegu Duryu Park (대구두류공원)
  • Daegu Duryu Park (대구두류공원)
  • Daegu Duryu Park (대구두류공원)
  • Daegu Duryu Park (대구두류공원)
  • Daegu Duryu Park (대구두류공원)
  • Daegu Duryu Park (대구두류공원)
  • Daegu Duryu Park (대구두류공원)
  • Daegu Duryu Park (대구두류공원)
  • Daegu Duryu Park (대구두류공원)
  • Daegu Duryu Park (대구두류공원)
  • Address 161, Duryugongwon-ro, Dalseo-gu, Daegu
    대구광역시 달서구 공원순환로 36
  • Type Parks
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  • Information
    Daegu Duryu Park was built near Duryusan and Geumbongsan mountains in 1977. The park encompasses the area of Duryusan Mountain including E-World all the way to Geumbongsan Mountain behind Daegu Culture and Arts Center. The name Duryusan came from the fact that the mountain is spread out in a circular form. The total size of the park is approximately 1.7 million ㎡ at a height of 135 meters above sea level. Various statues and memorials including 2ㆍ28 Memorial Tower that commemorates the high school students who started the 4ㆍ19 Revolution, as well as a statue of Yi Sang-hwa and more can be found along the Duryu Park circular road. After the opening on October 1977, the park added a soccer field, a baseball field and other recreational facilities as well as private libraries that provide convenience to the citizens.

    N/A (Open all year round)

    Activity Information
    [Forest Explanation and Forest Activity Operation]
    - Period: February-November (First Half: March-June, Second Half: July-November)
    - Guests ages 6 and up (individuals and groups accepted)
    - Participant limit: 5-30 people
    - Reservation: Phone reservation (Inquiry: +82-53-625-1952)

    Parking Facilities
    Available (4 parking lots)

    Admission Fees

    Available Facilities
    - Sports facilities: Tennis court, Duryu Baseball field, multi-purpose stadium, Duryu swimming pool, tennis court, inline skating rink, golf course, judo center, gymnasium park
    - Educational and cultural facilities: Duryu library, cultural art center, statues, 2. 28 Memorial Tower, outdoor music hall, Daegu Tourism Information Center
    - Entertainment facility: E-World
    - Other facilities: Seongdangmot Pond, fountain, Geumyongsa Temple, Daeseongsa Temple, Byeokcheonpokpo Waterfall
    - Convenience facilities: Resting area, snack bar, pergola, drinking site, benches


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