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Amsa Ecological Park (암사생태공원)

  • Amsa Ecological Park (암사생태공원)
  • Amsa Ecological Park (암사생태공원)
  • Amsa Ecological Park (암사생태공원)
  • Amsa Ecological Park (암사생태공원)
  • Amsa Ecological Park (암사생태공원)
Temporary Closure for Amsa Ecological Park
- Four Hangang River Ecological Parks (Gangseo Marsh Ecological Park, Nanji Eco Park, Amsa Ecological Park, Godeok Riverside Ecological Park) are closed.
83-66, Seonsa-ro, Gangdong-gu, Seoul
서울특별시 강동구 선사로 83-66 일대 (암사동)
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    Amsa Ecological Park (located in Amsa-dong) is a large scenic park with long winding trails passing by reeds and other beautiful plants of the Han River. It is here as well that visitors can watch the flight of Korea’s migratory birds. The Ecological Park is famous for its beautiful scenery and its lush groves of reeds and pussy willows growing alongside the natural riverside road. Wild roses, loosestrifes, and tiger lilies are in bloom from spring to fall and the observation deck gives visitors a beautiful view of Han River and the area’s wide variety of birds such as reed warblers, titmice, and swallows. The river basin and its surrounding stones are a great place to learn about nature and are home to various bugs such as beetles, river mayflies, big scarlet hairstreak butterflies, and other water insects.

    The Amsa Ecological Park is located nearby Godeok River Side Ecological Park and the Bicycle Theme Park, making this particular area one of the most popular tourist attractions along the Han River.


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