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Lotus Lantern International Meditation Center (연등국제선원)

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349-60, Ganghwadong-ro, Ganghwa-gun, Incheon
인천광역시 강화군 길상면 강화동로 349-60 (길상면)
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    The Lotus Lantern International Meditation Center, located on Gangwhado Island in Inchon, is a temple where both Koreans and foreigners can practice meditation together. The Temple was opened in 1997 by Monk Wonmyeong, who was a disciple of the Great Zen Master, Sungchul. Through ten years of teaching Buddhism to non-Koreans, he realized there were few locations for foreigners to meditate. Consequently, he opened the center on Ganghwado Island to commemorate the tenth anniversary of the Lotus International Meditation Center in Jongno-gu, Seoul. The Center was built on 4000 pyeong (about 13,000 m²) of land that accommodates a main Buddha hall, the Seorae Meditation Hall, the Gogyeong Meditation Hall, a dormitory for monks, six guest buildings with gardens and a farming area.

    The Center, which is surrounded by beautiful nature, operates the Gogyejong temple stay where both Koreans and foreigners can partake in the Korean Buddhist experience and the lives of everyday monks. Visitors can empty their minds through meditation as well as through elements of traditional Korean culture. Participants can choose one of two temple stay programs: a two-day one-night program, and a six-day five-night program. Typical lessons and activities include meditation courses, Balrugongyang (meal etiquettes of Buddhist monks), and temple manner. Foreign monks from Russia and Bangladesh, who offer teachings on Buddhism, help foreigners to be as comfortable as possible during their stays. Since the Center is located near the sea and other tourist attractions such as Mt. Mani, a megalithic tomb, and Jeondeungsa temple, visitors can enjoy natural, cultural and historical sites all while they stay at the temple.


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