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Pocheon Herb Island (포천 허브아일랜드)

  • Pocheon Herb Island (포천 허브아일랜드)
  • Pocheon Herb Island (포천 허브아일랜드)
  • Pocheon Herb Island (포천 허브아일랜드)
  • Pocheon Herb Island (포천 허브아일랜드)
  • Pocheon Herb Island (포천 허브아일랜드)
  • Pocheon Herb Island (포천 허브아일랜드)
  • Pocheon Herb Island (포천 허브아일랜드)
  • Pocheon Herb Island (포천 허브아일랜드)
  • Pocheon Herb Island (포천 허브아일랜드)
35, Cheongsin-ro 947beon-gil, Pocheon-si, Gyeonggi-do
경기도 포천시 신북면 청신로947번길 35 (신북면)
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  • Information
    Located in Pocheon, Gyeonggi-do and established in 1998, Herb Island is a tourist attraction that focuses on growing Mediterranean herbs. Additional attractions include the crafting experience, herb museum, aroma therapy center, herb restaurant, herbs beef ribs, herb bakery, herbs-related souvenir shop and more.
    Herb Island opens every day, showcasing Mediterranean herbs all year long and providing sensual experiences for relaxation of body and mind. In addition, various events and festivals take place every month and visitors are welcomed to watch cultural performances held at Venice Village performance stage every weekend for free.


    Opening date
    October 1998

    N/A (Open all year round)

    Approx. 2 hrs

    Tour Course Information
    Sinbuk Hot Springs – Herb Island – Pocheon Art Valley - Hangwa Cultural Museum – Sanjeong Lake – The Gallery Sansawon

    Film Locations
    Filming site for various dramas and variety shows such as "Cunning Single Lady (2014)," "Hyde Jekyll, Me (2015)," "Cinderella's Stepsister (2010)," "The Producers (2015),""Running Man," etc.

    Activity Information
    [Hands-on program]
    Herbal candles (powder wax, soy wax, beeswax), herbal soaps (rebatching, mp), pressed herbal flower arts and crafts (jujube combs, necklaces, keychains, rings), herbal cosmetics (lipgloss, lotion, hand cream, moisturizer, etc.), lavender pillow crafting and other hands-on activities such as making rosemary wine, herbal jam, herb vinegar, herbal oil, herbal body salt, wax tablet, etc.

    * Group reservation inquiries: +82-31-535-0913
    * Group of 15 people or more must make reservation at least 2 weeks in advance; group of less than 15 is not required to make reservation.

    [Misc. Activities]
    Venice Village - Mini gondola, water walk
    Mini Zoo - Donkey ride, feeding experience, etc.
    Dinasaur Town - Dinasaur fossil excavation, bone assembly, Dinasaur Rider

    Age Limit for Activities
    Visitors of 8 years old and above

    Operating Hours
    [Summer Season (May-October)]
    Weekdays & Sundays 09:00-22:00
    Saturdays & National Holidays 09:00-23:00

    [Winter Season (November-April)]
    Weekdays & Sundays 09:00-22:00
    Saturdays & National Holidays 09:00-23:00

    Maximum Occupancy
    7,000 people a day

    Parking Facilities
    1,500 parking spaces (for small-size vehicles)

    Parking Fees

    Admission Fees
    General Admission (Ages 17 & above): 6,000 won
    Discount Rate: 4,000 won

    * Discount rate applies to the following:
    Children (37 months~Middle school students)
    Group of 30 people or more (per person)

    * Free admission for infants under the age of 36 months

    * ID is required for discounted fares other than general admission.

    Available Facilities
    Herbs & Plant Museum, Santa's Village, Herbs Museum, Flower Garden & Waterfall Garden, Venice Village, Street to the Past, etc.

    Korean Info. Service
    Tourist Information Center available.

    Interpretation Services Offered
    Leaflet (Chinese, English) and boards

    Reservation Info. for Natives
    Through website or phone call.

    * Large pets are not permitted.
    * Pets must be on a leash at all times.
    * Pets are not permitted inside buildings.
    * Please bring plastic bags to dispose of pet litter.

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