Cultural Experience Exhibition Hall

Space Dedicated to Promote Outstanding Cultural Products and Experiences

Cultural Experience Exhibition Hall on the 5th floor is dedicated to the exhibition and promotion of Korea’s outstanding cultural products. It also offers cultural experience activities for visitors to enjoy such as hanbok experience and traditional arts and craft activities.

map of Art market hall

  • K-Ribbon Selection
  • Tourism Business Venture Zone
  • Tourist Souvenirs
  • Traditional Korean Dress Experience
  • Event Experience

Visitors of Traditional Korean Costume Exhibition can appreciate the beauty of Korean costumes and see the past, present and future of Korea.

Cultural Product Promotion Hall

This exhibition hall promotes Korea’s diverse traditional culture through the works of Korean artists and artisans. The hall is designed to resemble an art gallery so that visitors can conveniently appreciate and experience Korea’s traditional culture.

K-Product sale space exhibits and sells various products and artwork related to Korean food in order to promote Korean traditional food culture.

Trying on Hanbok

Visitors can try on various types of hanbok ranging from casual everyday hanbok to elaborate hanbok worn by kings and queens and take pictures.

  • - Operating hours: 10AM–6PM (Open all year round)
    • Sessions are offered every 20 minutes(24 sessions per day), with a maximum of 5 participants per session.
    • Onsite registration ends at 5:40pm.
  • - Location: K-Style Hub, 5th floor
  • - Individual participants are admitted on a first-come, first-served basis while groups must make prior reservations. Participation vouchers will be distributed after touring the exhibition hall on the 3rd floor. Please be aware that reservations are not accepted for weekends, and everyone is admitted on a first-come, first-served basis.
  • - Fee: Free of charge
  • - Reservation: ☎ +82-2-729-9433

Venture Product Exhibition not only to sell projects but also to promote Korean culture and new technology.

Traditional Arts and Crafts

Visitors can try their hands at various traditional arts and craft activities.

  • - Operating hours: 10AM–4PM (Open all year round)
  • - Location: K-Style Hub, 5th floor
  • - Fee: Free of charge
  • - Reservation: ☎ +82-2-729-9433
  • - Programs Schedule for 2018
    • March 1 – April 30: Making folk painting ecobag
    • May 1 – June 30: Making “rubber shoes” hanging ornament using hanji (Korean paper)
    • July 1 ~ August 31: Making folding fan
    • September 1 – October 31: Hangeul Pouch Coloring
    • September 23 – 25 (Chuseok) Ornament (Traditional Hairpin) Making
    • November 1 – December 27: Making traditional knotted bracelet