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Blood Type print

How blood type can help you better understand
your boyfriend or girlfriend.

Korean movie - My Scary Girl
In the Korean movie, "My Scary Girl" (2006), one of the characters says:
(Said in anger) "The blood type theory was once a part of the Germans' theory that white people were superior to other races. One Japanese scholar, who went to Germany to study, brought the blood type theory back to his country. Later on, the German people discarded the theory, but it became really popular in Asia. The only people who believe the blood type theory now are the Koreans and the Japanese!"

"What's your blood type?"
When you first meet someone in Korea, you will often be asked this question. Unlike the West, Koreans are place great importance on a person's blood type. In fact there are even many movies about this subject. There is a lot of interesting data about blood type, and some of the most popular beliefs are listed below. Why not check it out? It’s a fun way to find out more about your boyfriend or girlfriend, or even yourself!

* Who is most likely to be unfaithful?: B > AB > O > A
Unfaithful blood type

1st place: Type B
You are apt to fall in and out of love very quickly, and you can be attracted to several people at the same time. You are often mentioned in rumors, as you cheat on your partner and don't bother to conceal it. Even if you do get caught cheating, you simply say, "OK, I won't do it again." You never want to be stressed by relationships, so you often break them off your in the twinkling of an eye.

2nd place: Type AB
You have a confident personality and believe you won't get caught if you cheat on your partner. You often play innocent while making bold moves, such as sending SMS messages to one person while on a date with another

3rd place: Type O
Once you have made up your mind to be serious about your partner, you will not cheat on them.

Last place: Type A
What may appear as prudishness on your part, can actually be attributed to your belief that cheating on your partner is fundamentally wrong. Basically, you never cheat on your partner, period. If you do start seeing another person, it is safe to assume that you have decided to move on.

* Blood types and relationship scale scores

Best blood type match

Type A
+ Type A male 70%
Type B male 20%
Type O male 95%
Type AB male 65%
Type B
+ Type A male 25%
Type B male 65%
Type O male 89%
Type AB male 75%
Type O
+ Type A male 90%
Type B male 80%
Type O male 40%
Type AB male 30%
Type AB
+ Type A male 50%
Type B male 85%
Type O male 35%
Type AB male 90%

What do you think? Do these descriptions appear accurate for you?
For the record, these theories are based on average figures and case studies rather than on scientific data.

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