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The population of Korea today, North and South combined, is estimated to be around 70-80 million. Please note that hereinafter will be about South Korea only, and Korea, here, will refer to South Korea. According to the Ministry of Security and Public Administration, as of May 2013, the total population of Korea is 51,034,494. In terms of population density, there are 511 people per 1km2.

Out of the total population, 10,181,807 people, or roughly 20% of the population, live in Seoul. Other large and economically advanced cities such as Busan (population of 3,536,426), Incheon (2,859,335), Daegu (2,505083), Daejeon (1,529,085), Gwangju (1,471,801) and Ulsan (1,151,340) have a higher population density than other cities in Korea.

[Data credit: Ministry of Security and Public Administration ( (Korean, English)]
* The information above is based on the population registered with the Resident Registration System, which means there can be a discrepancy between the reported numbers and the actual number of people living in Korea.

[Last updated on June 13, 2013]

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