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About Korea, Sparkling print

“Korea, Sparkling” What is It?
"Korea, Sparkling" embodies the lively energy of the Korean people and culture, which you are sure to experience while traveling in Korea.
How was the Korea, Sparkling emblem created?
The emblem of Korea, Sparkling represents the ‘window’ through which one can visualize the lively image of Korea’s tradition and future. The emblem uses a consonant from the Korean alphabet combined with the sleeve of Korea’s traditional costume Hanbok and the pinwheel-shaped Pahyeongdonggi pattern engraved on our ancestors’ shield as well as two hands simultaneously drawing a square window. The emblem is thus an open window to Korea’s sparkling attractions.
What is the difference between Korea, Sparkling and Dynamic Korea?
“Dynamic Korea” will maintain its present role as national brand, whereas “Korea, Sparkling” will focus on the tourism industry only.
What is the key message of Korea, Sparkling?
Sparkling People: passionate and warmhearted Koreans
Sparkling Culture: 5,000 years of creative and unique culture
Sparkling Nature: changing faces of Korean landscapes to the tune of the peninsula’s four seasons.
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