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  • What is Koreastay?
  • How are Koreastay hosts assessed?

What is Koreastay?

Koreastay is a Korea Tourism Organization (KTO) brand that certifies city accommodations. Selected homestays and guesthouses provide international visitors a special opportunity to experience Korean culture and lifestyle by living with a Korean family. Koreastay hosts are carefully selected after undergoing strict assessment of such criteria as residential environment, guestroom & cleanliness, mindset, service and convenience.

Koreastay is a great starting point for Korean travel as
well as cultural immersion. Koreastay hosts, found in
major cities and tourist sites throughout Korea, are
prepared to welcome their foreign guests with open
arms, provide comfortable accommodation and
home-cooked meals, and offer local travel information.

We invite you to join Koreastay, the epitome of a modern Korean family and the beginning of a new friendship.

  • Inquiries: Tourism Quality Improvement Team / Koreastay
  • Tel: +82-33-738-3627
  • Email:

How are Koreastay hosts assessed?

Koreastay hosts are objectively and accurately assessed on five criteria: residential environment, guestroom & cleanliness, mindset, service and convenience. Furthermore, the hosts are regularly monitored and evaluated for quality assurance.

Requirements No criminal record (larceny, violence, sexual crime, etc.)
No decrepit residence (based on the Korea Land Information System cadaster)
No commercial accommodation (no more than 5 guestrooms)
Breakfast served
Assessment Description
Landscape, residence decrepitude, surroundings
Guestroom &
Guestroom conditions (ventilation, noise, size, etc.)
Cleanliness of facilities & amenities
(guestrooms, bathrooms, bedding, etc.)
Mindset Motivation for participation
Tolerance of other cultures
Command of foreign languages
Service Meeting guests’ food restrictions
Basic facilities & amenities
Convenience Access to and by public transportation
Access to diverse attractions & facilities (cultural, social, medical, etc.)
  • Inquiries: Tourism Quality Improvement Team / Koreastay
  • Tel: +82-33-738-3627
  • Email:

How does the Koreastay certification program work?

  • Inquiries: Tourism Quality Improvement Team / Koreastay
  • Tel: +82-33-738-3627
  • Email:

Homestay Etiquette

1. Dining

You may dine together with your hosts, but on occasion, you may have to eat what your hosts have prepared for you by yourself.

Make sure you know and respect the policy regarding helping yourself to what is in the refrigerator.

Wait until someone from your host family actually begins to eat before you begin.

Let your host family know when you are not able to join them for breakfast or if there are changes in your schedule.

If there are specific foods or ingredients you are allergic to or cannot eat, please let your hosts know before your arrival and prepare accordingly.

Try everything that's offered, even if it's only a small portion.

Do not waste food and thank your hosts.

2. Clean Up After Yourself

South Korea uses ondol(Korean traditional underfloor heating) instead of a cold floor with carpets, so it is not acceptable to walk in the home with shoes on. If you are not uncomfortable walking with bare feet, ask your host to provide slippers.

Try to make your bed even though the host will change sheets and vacuum your room for you.

You should not enter other families' room without permission, and keep your valuable belongings safe with your rooms locked when you aren't home.

After using the bathroom, clean up stray hair and water on the sink.

Prepare your own toiletries and bath products.

3. Smoking

Indoor smoking is prohibited in S. Korea. Please ask your host to direct you to a smoking area.

4. Hours

You are not obliged to inform your hosts of when you plan on coming home everytime. However, hosts will be worried and stay up, so please inform your hosts if you will sleep over elsewhere or will be late in returning home.

5. Conversation

Don't hesitate to ask your family questions about Korean culture or traveling. Your family agreed to host you because they want to share their culture.

6. Household appliances

South Korean electrical outlets accept appliances with a voltage rating of 220V at 60Hz. Households and hotels usedual round sockets for their electrical outlets.

Many families use electric heating devices like heaters andmats. In order to prevent fire and electricity bills from beingtoo high, make sure you turn off the power before leaving the house.

Some host families may offer you to use their washing machine. Please discuss with your host to make sure you know how to operate the machine properly before using.

7. Other

It is not appropriate to have your friends to sleep over, but if it is necessary, please discuss with your hosts in advance.

It's customary when traveling internationally to bring a goodwill gift from your country to give to your hosts to say thank you for opening their home to you. Make sure you present the gift as you are leaving your homestay so your host won't feel obligated to return the favor, and keep the gifts inexpensive. Try to select a meaningful gift as a way for the host family to remember you.

  • Inquiries: Tourism Quality Improvement Team / Koreastay
  • Tel: +82-33-738-3627
  • Email:

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