wONJO ChODANG S UNDUBU 9, chodangsundubu-gil 77beon-gil, Gangneung-si, Gangwon-do 033-652-2660 Korean Sundubu (Tofu) Taxi recommended. from Gangneung Express bus Terminal, 6.5Km, 20min by Taxi Tofu is a dish made purely out of beans and bittern. In Korea it is said that the quality of mountains and water determines the taste of tofu and the Chodang area of Gangwon-do is well known for such tofu. The magnificent mountains and the crystal clear water that surrounds them helped Chodang become the Village of Tofu. This restaurant was the first to use seawater as bittern to make soft tofu. The restaurant is registered as a Traditional Local Foods Restaurant of Gangneung, and was named Grand Master for Conservation of Cul- tural Heritage. True to these names, the res- taurant only uses hand-made soft tofu. Since the ingredients are hand-made, the number of customers the restaurant may serve is lim- ited daily. The tender and aromatic soft tofu will provide you with an opportunity to taste Chodang’s fertile nature. Its most popular dish is the Baekban (Korean set menu), which features a bowl of rice with soft tofu soup and several side dishes. 32


G a n g w o n - d o It’s the first restaurant to be halal certified in Gangwon-do. Located in Namiseom Island, an islet famous for picturesque scenery, the entire menu is halal and the Korean manager who holds the Muslim faith welcomes guests with a kind smile. The restaurant serves Chuncheon city’s most famous dish, Buldak (hot and spicy DONG MOON chicken) plus a variety of Asian food including Nasi Goreng, rice noodles, fried rice and curry. 1, Namisum-gil, Namsan-myeon, chun- The clean interior is decorated daily with orna- cheon-si, Gangwon-do ments made by the staff, which guarantees ev- ery visit is a new experience. The chef prepares 031-580-8099 food as if it was for his own family, and the Asian manager hopes that every meal is an everlast- from Gyeongchun line, Gapyeong Sta- ing experience of your life. tion, 2.2Km, 6min by Taxi 33

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