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Fun Ski & Snow Festival at Yongpyong
The Fun Ski & Snow Festival was held at Yongpyong Ski Resort in February when the ski season reaches its peak in Korea. The Fun Ski & Snow Festival brought many unforgettable memories to participants with its exciting programs that cannot be found in other ski tour packages. In addition to ski lessons, the festival included exciting events such as ski and sledding competitions. Moreover, performances and recreational activities in the evening heightened the festival mood. The festival had 355 participants, with 314 from Hong Kong, 29 from Taiwan, and 12 from Thailand. The following is a closer look at the 3-night and 4-day festival. *The Fun Ski and Snow Festival includes a total of 12 sessions taking place at Yongpyong and Muju Ski Resorts. This article covers the fourth session held at Yongpyong Ski Resort .
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[Fun Ski & Snow Festival’s Program Schedule –the Youngpyong Ski Resort]
Day 1 Program
Day 1 11:00 AM ~ 1:00 PM Arrival at the Yongpyong resort and check-in
Lunch (not included)
1:00 PM ~
3:30 PM
Ski & snowboard rental
Ski & snowboard lessons
6:00 PM Dinner (included)
Day 2 9:30 AM ~
11:30 AM
Ski & snowboard lessons
11:30 AM ~
1:00 PM
Lunch (not included)
1:00 PM ~
4:40 PM
Ski lessons- getting off a lift and riding down the slopes
6:00 PM ~
8:00 PM
Dinner (included)
Entertainments- Korean traditional performance and Tokebi Storm (nonverbal performance)
Day 3 10:00 AM ~
Ski and sled competitions
Noon ~
6:00 PM
Lunch (not included) and Free ski
6:00 PM ~
10:10 PM
Dinner (included)
Award ceremony and recreational activities
Day 4 Departure. Participants are divided into two groups: those departing in the morning and those departing in the afternoon after enjoying free skiing in the morning
* The above schedule is subject to change.
[1. Major Programs on Day 1 of the Fun Ski and Snow Festival]
① Arrival and Check-in / 11:00 AM
After arrival at the Yongpyong resort, participants unpack their belongings and have lunch. Lunch is not included in the program. Participants can go to Korean restaurant Doraji, or Western restaurant Charllet on the first floor of their hotel.
② Ski & Snowboard Rental and Lessons / 1:00 AM ~ 3:30 PM
After measuring their shoe sizes, participants rent skis and snowboards that accurately fit their sizes. After wearing skis and snowboards, professional instructors give participants lessons on how to walk on the slopes, how to stop, how to change directions, and more.
■ Photos from the Ski Lesson
■ Participant Interview

Yu Tsui Shan from Hong Kong Speaks on the Festival during the First Lesson on Day 1.
1, Where did you get the information about the Fun Ski & Snow Festival?
- I got it from a pamphlet of a travel agency.
2. What is the most difficult part in this lesson?
- It is not easy to walk on a slope wearing skiwear. Changing direction is also very difficult.
3. It’s quite cold here, compared with Hong Kong. Can you give some tips to future tourists about what they should bring to stay warm?
- Just wear lots of layers. Nevertheless, actually skiing is very exciting, so you won’t really feel the cold.
4. What do you like most about this festival?
- Learning how to ski itself is a wonderful experience for me. And I also like the breathtaking views of the resort.
③ Dinner / 6:00 PM: Buffet dinner is served for the participants. Participants spend their first night of the Fun Ski & Snow Festival at their hotel.
[Major Programs on Day 2 of the Fun Ski and Snow Festival]

① Ski & Snowboard Lessons / 9:30 AM ~ 11:30 AM
Participants practice what they learned on Day 1 and learn more difficult techniques. Participants have to listen to the instruction carefully, as they will learn a more difficult part in the afternoon which is getting off a lift and going down the slope.

② Lunch / 11:30 AM ~ 1:00 PM
Lunch is not included in the program. The closest restaurant from the ski and snowboard lesson places is Cafeteria Gerende in the Dragon plaza. Gerende is a self-service restaurant with food prices averaging 8,000 won. Participants can also visit the Korean restaurant Doraji on the first floor of their hotel, barbecued meat restaurant Modurang in front of the hotel, and pizza restaurant Buona on the first floor of the resort’s fitness center. Fast food restaurant Americana is also on the first floor of the fitness center.
③ Lesson on how to get off a lift and go down the slopes / 1:00 PM ~ 4:40 PM
lift and go down the slopes / 1:00 PM ~ 4:40 PM Participants get on a lift to reach the top of the slope and ski down. The most important thing when getting off a lift is to hold pole tips high above the ground. Otherwise, the poles of the people sitting next to you can get caught and cause someone to fall down. The best position is to cross your poles above the ground and glide down just on skis. Though many beginners fall down while getting off from chairlifts, a few times of trial and error will help them master the art of getting off.
④ Lesson on how to get off a lift and go down the slopes / 1:00 PM ~ 4:40 PM
Traditional Performance 01Tokebi Storm, a Nonverbal Performance
[Major Programs on Day 3 of the Fun Ski and Snow Festival]
① Ski, Snowboard and Sled Competitions / 10:00 AM ~ Noon
In these competitions, participants can boast their ski and snowboard skills acquired during the 2-day lesson. Those wishing to try can participate in this highlight event of the festival. Participants are strongly recommended to watch the exciting event. Those ranking within the top three in each competition are awarded with prizes and gifts in the award ceremony after dinner.
② Lunch and Free Skiing / Noon ~ 6:00 PM
After having lunch (not included in the program), participants can enjoy a free-ski time. When skiers feel too tired and need rest, they should move to outer edges of the course. In addition, beginners should not go downhill in a straight line. As they pick up speed easily, they can be badly hurt when colliding with other people or falling down. It is best to go down the slope slowly by changing directions.
③ Gala Dinner, Award Ceremony and Recreational Activities / 6:00 PM ~ 10:10 PM
Award ceremony for ski, snowboard, and sled competitions is held after gala dinner. Participants for each competition are divided into two age groups of under 17 and over 18. Those ranking within the top three in each competition are awarded with prizes and gifts. The winner of ski competition in the under 17 category particularly surprised the participants. It was 6-year old Churk Yean Chung. The following are interviews with Wan Chi Wai, the winner of ski competition for participants over 18 and Churk Yean Chung, the winner for participants under 17.
[Interview with Wan Chi Wai from Hong Kong]

1. How do you feel after winning the competition?
- I am really, really happy!
2. Did you expect to win first place?
- No, not at all. When I participated in this festival last year, there were so many good players that I didn’t win any prize. So I thought I wouldn’t win this year, either.
3. How did you know about the festival?
- I got the information from the website of a travel agency.
4. What did you like best about the Fun Ski & Snow festival?
- The video image we saw before the award ceremony, which closely followed all of our activities during the festival, was really interesting. It was the best part.
5. Do you want to participate in this festival again?
- Yes, of course. I’ll join the festival again.
[Video of the Festival]
Organizers of the festival recorded participants’ activities throughout the festival. This video, shown before the award ceremony, was a big hit among the participants. Click the image below to watch the video.
[Interview with Churk Yean Chung from Hong Kong]
Churk Yean Chung, a six-year old boy from Hong Kong, was the winner in the ski competition for participants under 17. He was a big star in the award ceremony, receiving the most applause.

1. How old are you?
- I'm six years old.
2. When was your first time skiing?
- I learned how to ski when I was four years old.
3. Where did you learn?
- At the Muju Ski Resort (The Fun Ski and Snow Festival is held at both the Muju Ski Resort and the Yongpyong Ski Resort).
4. Even though many players in your group are much older than you, you were still able to win. How do you feel?
- I feel so proud that I won and beat those older than me.
5. Which part of the festival did you like the best?
- Skiing, of course!
[Major Programs on Day 4 of the Fun Ski and Snow Festival]
On day 4, the last day of the festival, some participants depart from the resort early in the morning while other participants enjoy free skiing before their departure in the afternoon. Most participants freely enjoyed their last morning at the resort, by taking pictures in areas near the resort or just sleeping in.
[Tips for Enjoying Your Stay at Yongpyong Ski Resort More]

Yongpyong Ski Resort was a major setting for Winter Sonata (Gyeoul Yeonga), a famous TV miniseries that is still very popular in the Asian region. If you are a huge fan of the drama, it would be a quite memorable experience to take some pictures or enjoy a meal at one of the filming locations. Even if you’re not a fan, a gondola ride to the top of Mt. Balwang is highly recommended. At the top, tourists marvel at the breathtaking views of mountains covered with snow, which is beyond description. Information pamphlets for the filming locations of the drama can be found at many places at the resort.
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Date 02/25/2005

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